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  • Logan threatens to expose Cain's past if he doesn't get the candida auris outbreak under control before anyone finds out. 
  • Cain wants to follow protocols for a change, but Logan backs him into a corner.
  • Logan walls off the room and tells the staff they are implementing a new AI system to help nurses out. 
  • Cain races to cover his tracks. 
  • The EMT who transported Dawn is brought into the hospital and likely has the symptoms. 
  • Logan notifies Cain who calls Ezra in and calls in a favor. They have a past with Ezra's mom helping Cain out back in the day and Cain getting Ezra into the program. 
  • Ezra treats Sophie with drugs behind Devon and Conrad's backs. 
  • He doesn't feel comfortable doing it, and there are close calls when they prescribe steroids that may interfere with the other drugs that she's taken. 
  • She gets worse and Ezra asks Cain why he won't be honest. 
  • Cain tells him that an error he made as a intern cost many people their loves over contaminated equipment he knew about, and Red Rock covered for him. He can't go against them. 
  • Conrad diagnoses Sophie with the bug and notifies the department of health. She gets worse and dies and eventually Ezra confesses. 
  • Conrad confronts Cain about it, but Cain doesn't have much to say back. 
  • Nic is doing outreach and Isaac, someone who helps falls ill. 
  • She brings him to the hospital and she and AJ diagnose him with pulmonary fibrosis. He's happy to tfind out the herididatry nature because of information about his past. He was left as a kid and doesn't now about his history. 
  • Nic volunteers her and Conrad to be his support system so he can go on the list for a lung transplant.
  • They find someoen who may be related to him who agrees that they will take care of hime either way. 
  • Derek needs more surgery and treatment, but it could kill him. 
  • Bell gives Kit a legacy book for Derek, and he works on it to prepare his family for the worst. 
  • Cain ordered the staff to clean a ventilator that was used, but they never did. It makes the rounds from room to room, and eventually it's the one that is used on Derek. He may catch the bug. 
The Resident
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The Resident Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Logan: I've got your back as long as you've got mine. And not a moment longer. 
Cain: You threatening me?
Logan: Get on board and help to fix this mess, or I'll tell the world what happened when you were an intern.

Logan: As far as anyone is concerned, we're just installing A.I technology. No one knows we're eliminating a deadly fungus.
Cain: Candida Auris is highly dangerous in immune-compromised patients. Half the patients who get it die. We're lucky it's not airborne like the coronavirus. The staff is not at risk, but the patients could be. The protocol here is to notify state authorities. We need to follow protocol.