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Adaku calls to tell Mina she's going into labor and she rushes to get to her.

Cain's patient is virtually brain dead, but he refuses to let him go. Kit questions him about it and he tells her no one dies in his OR. He later tells his resident to deliver good news that the man is stable even though he isn't. Kit overhears hot pretends she doesn't.

Conrad is being named chief resident and Devon is becoming a resident. Everyone is happy. They work on the case together of a young teen Tyler who overused acetaminophen and attempted to take his life after lots of overwhelming news at once.

Dawn, Cain's mother of all surgeries patient is on a vent. He tells her daughter she's going to a rehab facility when she's really being sent to a long term care facility. The people there call it the vent farm, and Cain has sent tons of patients there. It's overcrowded.

Adaku needs to get a full cardio workup and the baby is coming.

Tyler has liver failure and needs a new liver but the hospital wouldn't let him go on the donor list if they find out he was suicidal. Devon and Conrad choose not to disclose it.

Adaku's heart valve is failing and fluid is filling up in her lungs. She needs surgery. But the baby needs to be delivered too. Mina flips out on AJ because he wants to wait.

Eventually, AJ does surgery on Adaku and she and the baby almost die. AJ's surgery is a success. Mina had doubts and he's annoyed with her behavior and how she's been even though he is giving her a pass.

Bell confronts Cain about shipping his patients to facilities and waiting until 90 days after the surgery before letting them go so that it doesnt get tallied as a death due to his surgeries.

A liver comes for Tyler.

Tyler has the transplant surgery, and it's a success. Conrad speaks to Tyler abourbhjs attempt but it's overheard by Tyler's mother and the transplant doctor. Nothing is said at first.

Bell checks in on Cain's surgery and finds a resident doing it. The resident screws up and has to call Cain or else the patient might die. Bell steps in to leave the patient. He finds out that Cain was off the premises when it happened.

Bell and Cain talk it out and Cain reminded Bell that he's no better and brings up his nickname of HODAD.

Bell says he's calling the board to examine Cain's behavior. When he gets to the meeting however he finds out that Cain is the new chief of surgery taking over his job.

Bell finalized Kit's contract so that she's there for five years. They can't get rid of her. He says he won't leave.

Adaku will he in the hospital long and the baby will be out by the week. Mina has to keep the baby until Adaku is OK. She doesnt know how to handle that.

The gang celebrate Conrad getting his coat and his office. He goes to swipe into his key card won't work. Logan comes with security and tells him he's fired because of the transplant thing. Conrad calls him out on the real reason they're getting rid of him. Everyone is up in arms, but he tells them to calm down. He leaves Chastain.

The Resident
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The Resident Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

I'm going to say this once and never again. Nobody and I mean NOBODY DIES IN MY OR! Colin, proceed.


On a scale from 1 to 10, your stress level sounds like a 12. Emotional support is required, and if happens to be my superpower, so I will see you at the hospital. Now turn off your phone and slow down.