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Sometime in the future when the COVID-19 pandemic is history. Conrad prepares for his wedding day and Devon helps. They reminisce on when they first met and offer words of encouragement. Conrad has another mentor moment with Devon.

Mina is Nic's maid of honor and helps her get ready. Mina updates Nic's mother's wedding dress.  They think about how happy they are now after everything they've gone through in 2020. 

Flashbacks to the beginning of March. It seems like another day. Conrad declined Logan's offer.

A baker comes in with symptoms and says that he visited his grandmother in Seattle. Conrad, Devon, and Irving check stats and conclude that they have their first Coronavirus case. The patient codes and Hundley starts performing compressions as Conrad tells her to stop because she needs PPE.

By April, things have gotten worse. 

Hundley has COVID-19 and she's not doing well when they call and check on her.  Her daughter is scared, but she's holed up in her room. 

They don't have a lot of equipment and are reusing masks. Bell, Nolan, and  AJ lament the lack of surgeries. Kit and Mina joined the front lines and Nolan has reservations because he has a pre-existing condition.

The hospital is filled with covid patients. Signs of personal notes about each patient hang on the walls so everyone is reminded that these patients are people and not numbers.

Kit is overwhelmed and feels helpless. Bell tries to get her to go home but she reminds him that he's 65 or older and needs to stay away. When he tells her he's fit and runs marathons she points to her pro tennis player 33-year-old patient who has myocardial now because of COVID-19. Being fit didn't save him.

Hundley drives herself to the hospital. She collapses on her way inside. They admit her to the ICU.   

   Logan tells them they're losing  money and that they need to focus on elective surgeries even though it goes against mandate. People don't want to come in for surgeries.   

   Logan asks as if he's concerned about the hospital shutting down and making payroll and people losing jobs, but they all call him out on only caring about himself.  They mention how they'll be a government bailout, but it will probably go to RRMM's bank account.

Logan convinces Cain to take on low-risk surgeries. Cain agrees if Logan doesn’t threaten his job again or remove his image from the building.    

   Cain calls his patient Ben and tells him he's back and spinal cord have worse issues and he needs surgery immediately. He convinces Ben that the surgical unit is clean and that he should come in.

Cain tells Ben that he could end up paralyzed. Ben reluctantly agrees to come in. Devon's father is still driving his cab. Devon lectures him about it and even offers to pay his rent. 

Conrad calls Marshall and tries to get him to stay safe and quarantine because he's at risk with his Chrons disease, but Marshall is out trying to make deals for more manufacturing of masks and ppe production.

Mina deals with an insolent patient who walks in with his mask pull-down thinking he deserves first treatment because of his gold-plated insurance coverage and violating the social distance rule. Mina pulls out a tape measure just to prove he's not far enough. 

He spits on her. Security takes him out.

AJ catches Barrett preparing for surgery and gets on his case about performing an unnecessary surgery and jeopardizing a patient. Cain is convinced his OR is spotless and it was the right call.

Hundley's condition worsens but she doesn't want to get incubated because of the likelihood of her not waking up. She helps the doctors with her treatment.   

   Conrad confronts Logan about more PPE after Kit's mask snaps. He accuses Logan of not being concerned and Logan shares that he is affected and talks about the racism he's experiencing because of the virus. He promises that he's trying to save the hospital, yes, but also get what they need.   

   They have to incubate Hundley. 

Nic is scared for Hundley and doesn't want to tell Hundley's daughter that she could lose her. Hundley is a single mom and her daughter is around the same age Nic was when her mother died.

Logan gets face masks and ppe diverted to Chastain from South Korea where he still has relatives. RRMM wouldn't pay for it but he did it anyway and it may cost him his job. 

Devon checks on his father and it sounds like he has it.

After Kit's mask broke and she was exposed, she went home and has a temp.

Devon has to leave the wedding early in the present to catch a plane to be with his mom. His father passed away from COVID. 

Hundley sings as Nic walks down the aisle.  They honor the people they lost and exchange their vows. Marshall stands in as Conrad's best man because Devon has to attend his father's memorial.   

   The guest's party at the ceremony and have a good time. Conrad and Nic speculate that Bell and Kit may become romantic when they dance together and say that he was there the whole time Kit was sick and took care of her.   

   Mina calls AJ away for privacy to ask him about Andrea. He tells her that he broke up with her because he doesn't feel the same way for her as he does for Mina. She reminds him that she doesn't want things to change and he agrees but tells her he was just being honest. She kisses him.


The Resident
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The Resident Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Devon: How you feeling? Any jitters?
Conrad: No, I'm as happy as I've ever been. I'm marrying my soulmate.

Conrad: Slightly different guy than that jerk you met your first day of residency. 
Devon: You were just doing your job the wrong way.
Conrad: I must've done something the right way. You turned into a damn fine doctor.
Devon: Yeah, well. It hasn't always felt that way. 
Conrad: When all hell breaks loose, you find out what people are made of. You excelled.
Devon: That's very kind of you, but let's stick to you.