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  • Conrad's former army captain calls him needing his help. He got injured while hiking and needs search and rescue. He has a hole in his side.
  • Cain wakes up from the ventilator and demands they let him breathe without it.
  • Mina is still stressed out about her immigration visa status and results. AJ gets her hyped up for a once in a lifetime surgery.
  • Devon sees a woman who is experiencing severe pain in her hip during a sickle cell flare up. 
  • Conrad finds Captain Hill and he's losiong a lot of blood. He has to improvise in the field and hope they get the airlift in time. He calls Nic and tells her to page AJ and have him ready for them as soon as they get to the ER. 
  • Kit gives Cain a check up. He's doing well, but she tells him that he has a fifty-fifty shot of regaining function in his hands. He will have to be patient to determine if he can ever cut again. He wants to speak to the new CEO and is surprised that she is. 
  • Devon's patient, Rose, needs a hip replacement. She doesn't want it and is frustrated that she always has to tell doctors what her sickness is. Devon is empathetic and understands. He listens to her and talks her through the best course of action. 
  • Bell tries to get friednly with his stepson, but he's still given the cold shoulder. 
  • AJ leaves Mina to do their surgery so he can tend to Conrad and Hill. HIil's scans are clear, and Conrad is worried that the bullet he caught back when he saved Conrad's life has moved somewhere else in his body.
  • Conrad shares the tense moment when he almost died and Nate almost got killed and caught three bullets saving him. He still feels guilty and ashamed about it.
  • Mina has to keep going with the surgery when AJ gets another call.
  • They don't find the bullet during Nate's surgery. Conrad wants a CT run, but AJ wants to hold off because he has nothing to justify doing that beyond conrad's word and the patient is unconscious. Conrad gets angry about this.
  • Bell speaks to Jake's husband, Greg, hoping to get advice on how to get back into Jake's life.Greg vows to stay out of it, but say she's rooting for him.
  • Rose is severly anemic after the surgery. Her blood isn't compatible with any of their blood. If they don't find any and the oxygen stops working, she'll die. She's angry that she went through with it, and Devon is upset that he pushed her.
  • The suit against Cain is still going, and he wants his laywer to find out everything about the whistleblower. 
  • Jake angrily confronts Bell about "blindsiding" Greg. He goes to Kit who tells him that people change and that he should give Bell a shot. 
  • Nate wakes up and says the bullet is still there. He tells Nic that he has regrets about how he treated Conrad over the years. He has a stroke. 
  • Rose's heart stops working, and Devon has to treat her and then shock her.They get new blood, and she's willing to take the risk with it.
  • Mina's surgery gets hairy and the patient almost wakes up and volumes start crashing but she thinks of all of her training and saves it. 
  • They remove the bullet out of Nate's neck. He saves it and finally has a talk with Conrad and tells him to let all of his guilt go. 
  • Jake tells Bell that he and Greg are adopting, and he doesn't want Bell to pull a vanishing act. 
  • Devon brings Rose's students to the hospital to perform for her.The blood is working well.
  • AJ celebrates Mina, and says it's his last day mentoring her and she can fly solo. 
  • Conrad and Nic talk and he throws away the bulelt.
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The Resident Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

I'm sorry, but the chances of you regaining full-function of your hand are 50% at best.

Kit [to Cain]

Capt: I have no idea what you're making there, but am I correct in guessing it's going to hurt?
Conrad: I'm afraid so.