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Conrad finishing his shift and he wants to spend the day with Nic. Just as they are leaving the hospital, Nic finds out that her patient won’t speak to anyone but her. She and Conrad go to his home to help out but have to bring him in. He has a vitamin deficiency.

Kit is under pressure from the board and the state to make million dollar cuts to bring Chastain out of debt.Kitt brings Phillip, the owner of the sickle cell trial, in to see Marshall. They offer to have Chastain invest in Phillip’s company, with enough cash they believe he can do more.

Rose starts the trial, but she ends up getting sick with some other issues. She needs to go on dialysis but refuses no matter how much Devon begs. He gets Cain to talk to her, and he convinces Rose to go through with things. There is clearly something brewing between them.

AJ shows Bell his mother's scans. She is a candiate for target therapy to help help with her cancer survival rate. AJ takes some of his anger out on Leela during surgery. She calls him out on it. 

Billie tells Cain to start with softball surgeries. They have a partnership of sorts. 


The Resident
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The Resident Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Dr. Wiely is nowhere near the surgeon you are. I want to learn from the best. You know caution is not a good look on you.


Marshall: We need to find more cuts, Dr. Voss.
Boardmember: And we don't mean pennies. We need millions.
Marshall: This isn't coming from the board. We're getting pressure from the state and the have given s and by us, I mean you, two wees to come up with bg solutions.