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  • Mina and AJ are all packed up and have one shift left before their flight. 
  • AJ's mother is sad that he's moving away.
  • Cain and Billie are in the lab practicing together. She says she's a fan of his. Cain is struggling to complete things but tells the doctor that he's fine and should go back on the schedule.
  • Kit finds out that Cain put himself on the surgical board. She tells him that she'll stand with him for his first surgery to make sure he is ok.
  • A young life guard, Lisa, comes in after nearly drowning. 
  • The doctors and nurses get sentimental with AJ during one of his surgeries. Jessica gives him a thoughtful scrub cap she made. 
  • Mina is avoiding getting all sentimental with everyone.
  • Billie scrubs in on Cain's surgery with Kit.
  • AJ's mother comes into the hospital. She thinks she may be having a stroke. AJ says that she's always been a bit of a hypochondriac, and this may be due to her not handling him leaving well.
  • Devon gets his first match on the Indian matchmaking service and it's Leela to Mina's amusement.
  • Devon suggests a clinical trial to Rose for her Sickle Cell.
  • AJ's mother is fine. 
  • Kit leaves the surgery but it gets hairy and Cain let's Billie take over. 
  • Devon meets with his old college buddy Phillip who is the one running the Sickle Cell trial. He says he'll have it all be eradicated in Atlanta and asks if Devon can get him in with Kit so Chastain can be a site for his research.
  • AJ's mother starts coughing up blood.She has a tumor in her lung and needs surgery. Mina offers to do it since they need the best and AJ isn't allowed to do it.
  • Phillip at BioSouth makes his pitch to Kit. She talks it over with Bell.
  • Devon talks to Leela about the site and she says she only did it to indulge her father, but he appears smitten.
  • Kit and Devon tell Rose about the trial and she shares the news with Cain who is still in a funk.
  • Bell tells Mina he's proud of her. They find that AJ's mother does have lung cancer. There's nothing else they can do.
  • Mina tells AJ the news. She tells him that he has to stay with his mother, and she wish she could stay with him. 
  • Mina is on the verge of breaking down after it all hits her. She goes to her surprise party and has to keep her emotions in check. She tells Nic about AJ and that she'll miss her the most. She asks her to watch over him. 
  • She has her goodbye with AJ, and thens he gets in the cab headed for the airport.
The Resident
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The Resident Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Nic: You know I was thinking about the time we first met --
Mina: No, no, no. Don't do that. I'm not dead. People move away all of the time. This is not a Hallmark moment, no need to get sentimental.

I love her mom. It doesn't mean I don't love you. You know I do, more than anything. But I'm going. I really want to.