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  • Conrad confirms his date night with Gigi as she goes over their plans and treats his "boo boo"
  • Conrad heads to work as a private doctor who treats a bunch of mostly wealthy patients or those who don't have the time to come to the hospital and often for minor things.
  • AJ is in bed with Leela's sister, who is amused that he's the cover of a magazine.
  • Padma returns to Devon and Leela's apartment but they're off to work.
  • Bell is meditating when a patient's mother stops him and wants him to get Aj to sign his book Heart Sounds. Bell isn't amused by it.
  • Kit is at an MMA weigh in checking up on one of her patients when she breaks into a fight with competitior who gets knocked down. They take her to the hospital.
  • Bell wants the position of Chief of Surgery and tells Kit he wants to try out for it.
  • Billie calls Kit to go off about the ICU doctors not giving her patients enough pain meds.
  • After visiting a patient, Conrad meets a cook from the kitchen of the hotel he was at, and the guy tells him that he has cancer and has a year tops. Conrad wants to treat the man's cut, so he takes him to Chastain.
  • AJ and Leela talk about him sleeping with her sister and he comments on how different they are. Padma is a free spirit.
  • Tamiko, the fighter, is brought to the hospital and they start testing her out an have to run more tests when she can't feel some things.
  • Conrad returns to the hospital and everyone is excited to see him and still are trying to get him to return to the hospital.
  • Jackson sees an ad for a cancer treatment while in the waiting room that seems so helpful, and he wants Halcipride, hoping it'll be the best drug for him. Irving and the others shoot it down and remind him it'll be weeks for him to get consultation on it.
  • Jackson takes off when things get busy, and he searches for the drugs.
  • Padma calls Leela and wants to have lunch for Leela.
  • Bell steps in to join AJ and Billie for the surgery on Tamiko, and to compete with AJ.
  • Tamiko has bamboo spine and needs a series of surgeries.  A Triple A. She doesn't want the surgery at first but Billie and a fan of hers convince her.
  • Jackson is holding pharmacists hostage in the medical room and wants the halcipride. Conrad and Devon go in to talk him down. They dupe him pretending like they have the drug so they can talk to Jackson.
  • Jackson cuts himself with the box cutter and they rush him to the ER to save him
  • Devon and Conrad work to come up with a treatment plan for Jackson while he's in surgery with AJ.
  • Leela expresses annoyance that Padma showed up at the job.
  • Devon and Conrad figure out that Jackson got misdiagnosed with cancer and doesn't really have it.
  • Tamiko's aneurysm ruptured.
  • Padma and Leela get into it about their different lifestyles.
  • Conrad and Devon figure out what's wrong with Jackson.
  • Billie gives AJ her vote of confidence for Chief of surgery. But Tamiko needs to be woken up in surgery to figure out if they're doing it right and Kit comes in to help. It all goes well.
  • Jackson has TB, not cancer. But he still has to deal with the police.
  • Devon makes another plea to get Conrad back but he says Gigi is first. He heads to meet Gigi for dinner.
  • Leela and Devon hook up in the shower in his office.
  • Tamiko is doing well.
  • Kit makes Billie chief of surgery because neither of the guys want it really.
  • Billie accepts Chief of Surgery.
  • Leela meets up with her sister and they go for a little road trip.
  • Conrad makes it to dinner with Gigi and tells her he had the best day he's had in a while.
The Resident
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The Resident Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Kit: Dr. Sutton.
Billie: How many times do I have to call you because these ICU doctors won't give my patients enough pain meds? Look, I know it's not your fault, Kit, but it's your hospital, and if my patients can't get relief...
Kit: It complicates their recovery.
Billie: How do you expect me to do my job when not everybody is doing theirs?

Gigi: Are you going to the hospital where mommy used to work?
Conrad: You remember, sweetie, I don't work at the hospital anymore. I have a private practice now because I want to spend more time with you and Mr. Giraffe.