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  • AJ has Carol's funeral, and everyone shows up for him and to comfort him. AJ calls them his only family..They plant a tree for her.
  • AJ tells Padma they'll talk more after the funeral.
  • The funeral prompts Bell to look into his will and update it and he sees that everything is still set up to go to his ex wife. He wants to make something new for Kit, Jake, and Sammie. But he says Georgia doesn't recognize common law marriage and he wants to be able to leave things to Kit. Kit says they should get married then.
  • They're officially getting married, all jokes aside.
  • Devon tries to talk to Leela and brings her coffee, but she's avoiding him more and has another surgery. She agrees to talk to him later since they haven't talked since the sperm donor thing and she's still processing that. She tosses out his drink and heads for surgery
  • Cade returns from the FBI with an armed escorrt.
  • An unhoused woman is in the Er looking for  a script and with a bad infection.
  • Leela and Billie will treat Ashley a happily married woman with a PT wife who has scoliosis and needs an eight to ten hour surgery.
  • Leela goes to get some sleep before the surgery but she's interrupted by other inconsiderate doctors.
  • A man comes in who has had his whole side crushed and lung destroyed when a sign fell on him. They page AJ.
  • AJ has worked out loads of paperwork and things that he wants to establish for the future baby. He set up a bank account for the kid's tuition and more but Padma resents the notion that they'd be a family and feels AJ will try to control her.
  • Leela finally goes to sleep when AJ comes in and tells her about the pneumonectomy and she's eager to scrub in
  • Conrad realizes his unhoused patient has a bunch of scripts written by him and she doesn't want to answer any questions out of fear they'd kill her.
  • All the prescriptions are from doctors at Chastain. Conrad tells Cade about it and want to postpone telling the FBI to treat Terry first
  • Leela and Aj commiserate over their problems until she orders the wrong drugs in surgery because she can't concentrate
  • AJ overhears Kitbell talking about compromising and such after he has another conversation with Padma that makes her feel unheard.
  • Padma goes to talk to Devon about the baby situation and he tells her about his offer without realizing that she didn't know.
  • They try to talk to Terry about the situation and tell her about Phoebe who she adored. It makes Terry open up.
  • Terry explains how she got into the medicare fraud thing and where the location is where the mob does business and how they used te homeless to resell things
  • Leela falls asleep during surgery and causes a bleeder and gets sent home
  • the guy who killed Phoebe saw Cade and Conrad talking to the FBI
  • Padma and AJ talk, apologize, and reach an agreement.
  • Kit is livid about Leela and states that she will make a choice for her if she doesn't
  • Leela and Devon finally talk it out and Devon breaks up with Leela.
  • Kit and Bell mutually propose to each other at a restaurant
The Resident
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The Resident Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

Kit: I have everything I want. Leave it all to them.
Bell: I don't want to do that.
Kit: OK, let's get married then.
Bell: So this is the way you ask me? No fancy dinner, no ring, just didn't even get down on one knee.
Kit: I love you to the moon and back, but I kneel for no man.

Conrad: Carol meant the world to all of us.
AJ: I know. Thanks for coming.
Devon: You're so lucky to have had such a wonderful mom.
Conrad: Not everyone gets that.
AJ: Yeah, I'm holding onto that.