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  • Flashback to when Conrad and Nic first hire Marion to babysit baby Gigi as they take their first day out
  • Irving tries to tell Devon to talk to Leela because Devon decided to leave.
  • A pregnant woman comes in presumably with pulmonary edema with her son.
  • Leela and Padma are headed so she can get checked out and find out if she's pregnant. She reminds Leela of how she self sabotages her relationships.
  • Cade discharges herself and goes to meet up with her father who wants to do the same after his fall.
  • conrad feels Ian has an ulcer but he wants him to have more tests.
  • Bell only had a flare up and his vision is fine and he's cleared for the OR
  • The pregnant woman is in heart failure and her heart isn't strong enough to pump for her and the baby
  • Conrad talks to Winston about grief and Nic because he experienced something similar with his partner. He tells him to embrace the memories
  • Mrs. Alvarez's flu led to her marcoditis. Her heart can't beat for two and AJ and Devon recommend ending the pregnancy
  • The have a radical proposal that will surely fail and still result in death for the pregnant woman and/or her baby.
  • Cade discovers that her father has pancreatic cancer. He didn't know and they have to do a surgery on him because it's operable. Bell can do it.
  • The husband opts for putting his wife on ECMO despite the complications and risks
  • Cade confides in Conrad, and he comforts her and tells her about how things were his father once
  • He hugs Cade and reflects on that memory of Nic where she saw him hugging someone got the wrong idea, and when he explained they talked about how much they loved each other. It's awkward when he pulls away from Cade.
  • Padma is pregnant.
  • Leela goes to Devon and tells him she wants to be with him has changed her mind and doesn't want him to go.
  • Patient has brain hemoragge and stroke.
  • The patient dies.
  • Bell lets Leela do the whipple when there's a complication.
  • Everyone attends Kitbell's engagement party.
  • Devon and Leela make up and Devon decides that he won't throw away something with the woman he loves for a baby who doesn't even exist yet
  • Bell says that Leela is following in his steps and his mentee and wants to go into general surgery.
  • Cade thanks Bell for saving her father and his cancer may be gone
  • Cade and Billie talk and both pick up that they have feelings for Conrad.
  • Devon reminds Conrad to make new memories.
  • Conrad thinks about how he made Nic promise that she'd find love again if something happened to him and she did the same.
  • He heads to the table where Cade and Billie are.
The Resident
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The Resident Season 5 Episode 23 Quotes

You guys broke up way too fast. It's kind of a pattern with you. You're a relationship wrecking ball.


Irving: We're well aware of what this exit is about and it ain't science, or money, because Dr. Voss would match any offer Talk to Leela. Fix this
Devon: I wish I could.