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  • An overdose comes into the ER and the person has a prescription that says it was from Conrad.
  • Conrad gets upset aboutthe fraud again and heads to the pharmacy where people are getting them. He talks to the woman at the front desk, Phoebe, and explains that he's not prescribing them and wants to know what's going on.
  • She didn't know he wasn't the doctor prescribing them. He appealsto her so she goes to the back to look up some information, but a mysterious man catches her back there and holds her up.
  • Conrad gets a call from Cade about the Go Team and leaves
  • Street racers crashed into a store. The driver gets impaled and the shop owner is badly hurt with heart issues
  • Conrad and Cade disagree on what to do or the shopowner. Cade wants to put her on ECMO but Conrad doesn't want to risk all the complications. Her daughter wants it done, so Cade does it.
  • THe woman faces complications when she's brought in and AJ and Devon are annoyed that the Go team didn't follow protocols in the field and now they have to pull off a miracle to save this woman
  • The new, feisty and fun slightly gothic nocturnal anestiosiolist makes her debut when Kit and Bell are working on the driver.
  • Devon and Zach must inform the shop owerner's family that she's fighting for her life. Meanwhile the street racer's parents come in. They have to put them in separate waiting rooms when Mr. Zhou confronts the Camachos.
  • Phoebe is brought into the ER with brain bleeding after "A fall" and when Conrad tells Cade about visiting the pharmacy, she calls him out on Phoebe possibly facing blowback because of his visit. They both keep snipping at each other over their errors.
  • Carol comes in, and she's in more pain. They runs scans and her cancer has progressed and spread.It's near the end.
  • Zach steps on the tubing and trips, pulling it out of MRs. Zhou and tearing her artery.
  • Kit is worried about Bell doing back to back surgeries when it appears that his leg is bothering him  and he's being stubborn about it, so she gets him a chair made for use in the OR.
  • Phoebe is having complications after she wakes up and now she's going in rnal failure.
  • They figure out that Phoebe was poisoned
  • AJ thanks everyone on behalf of himself and his mother.
  • Eileen wakes up and is doing fine.
  • They figure out Phoebe was poisoned with anti freeze. By the time they head back to put protective duty on her, the mystery man is already leaving her room after unplugging her vent and more. They try to revive her but she dies.
  • She was an informant so that's why they were after her.
  • The man saw Cade's face, so now she has to leave. maybe. She and Conrad make up.
  • Carol starts hospice.


The Resident
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The Resident Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

Jayci: Step aside, heyyyy, ring that Bell. Make yourself useful. Push these meds.
Kit: It's okay.
Jayci: I got this Boss Voss. Oh, no, there goes my snow bunnies. They're brand new!
Kit: This is Jayci Leon, nocturnal anesthesiologist.
Jayci: I'll be here all night every night from now on.
Bell: Most people don't like working nights.
Jayci: Oh, I come alive when the sun goes down. That's when I come out of my coffin.

Devon: The Go-Team didn't follow protocols.
AJ: And now we're expected to work miracles fixing all the complications that ECMO caused.