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  • Conrad wakes up after a long, fun night with Marion, and she sneaks out when they hear Gigi woke up. 
  • Marion sneaks back around to take Gigi out to the aquarium for the day.
  • Most of Bell's tests have come back and they're fine, but they have to wait for more. He keeps thinking of the worst things and Conrad reassures him that it could be simple, but it'll have to wait. 
  • Conrad gets called into the first Go Flight team. He's headed to an accident on a highway where they have to treat a trapped victim. 
  • The new doc thast has accompanined them is a badass who takes charge right out of the gate. 
  • There's a gas leak, but Conrad and Cade get the victim stable and pull the metal impaling her out. But Conrad realizes that there is another victim in there. 
  • Cade stays back with him even though the whole thing is about to blow.
  • They save another girl and Conrad saves a cat right before the whole thing explodes. 
  • Trevor is back to working with Devon, and they're treating Jerome, who has an unknown origin fever and they have to figure out what else is wrong with him. 
  • Jerome needs his service dog but it's tied up outside and Trevor goes to work trying to get it inside with Jerome before his panic attacks kick in. 
  • They get the dog in but Jerome is a puzzle because he has minimal contact with others. 
  • Trevor mostly has the task of eliminating what couldbe wrong with Trevor. 
  • Conrad gets to know Cade while she patches him up in the ambo on the way back to Chastain. She's from Atlanta General and has a lot of field medicine expertise. 
  • They pick up a woman in active labor on their way back to the hospital.
  • Mindy the vic that Conrad and Cade saved needs an extensive surgery that AJ and Leela are working on.
  • Jill, the other vic needs surgery with Billie and Voss. 
  • The trauma department and ER is flooded and Voss is surprised to hear that BEll isn't doing any surgeries. 
  • The pregnant woman Cade and Conrad treat only speaks Creole, but Cade knows it fluently and it reveals how she knows her field medicine. 
  • Jerome's fever spikes
  • Billie asks Kit about Bell and wonders why he took himself off of surgery, and suggested something must be wrong. 
  • Bell has another dizzy spell while watching AJ and Leela's surgeyr.
  • Kit checks in on Bell and tells him to talk to her when he's ready to tell her what's really going on with him. 
  • Trevor has issues intubating Jerome. He and Devon still can't figure out what's happening to him, but he's rapidly declining. 
  • Conrad comes in at the nick of time, and  Cade offers her support. Conrad vouches for her. 
  • Devon is testy about Cade coming into the picture and taking over. Kit gives her privliges. 
  • Jerome is in multi organ failure. 
  • When retrieving Boo Boo Bear and the bag she's held in, Trevor finds a clue via a map. it was a trail and Trevor determnes that it could be a rare tick bourne disease. Tests confirm it. It was an incredible save. 
  • Conrad gets to know Cade more, hearing about how she worked in Haiti with hurricane relief. He offers her a job because someone needs to replace Devon in ER.
  • Kit notes that Cade checks out but she bounced around and doesn't stay at hospitals long, had a gap when she did earthquake relief in Haiti, and is evasive like she's hiding something even though they need her ther enow.
  • Conrad and Devon go look her up. Cade doesn't have any digitial footprint at all. 
  • Conrad gets the test results in for Bell and calls him in to go over them leaving things on a cliffhanger. 
The Resident
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The Resident Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Billie: Banner day for the Go-team. Quick question. Is Bell OK?
Kit: What do you mean?
Billie: He's a surgeon, not emergency. Pulled himself from the board for the entire day. Ross is taking a surgery from him in Trauma One.
Kit: I did not know that.
Bille: Well, I'm not one to tattle. Something's up.

Kit: Listen to me, the situation is dangerous for the victims and the rescuers. Save lives, but you stay safe out there.
Conrad: Copy you.