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  • Devon introduces himself to the new interns at Chastain, including Trevor, who is already too arrogant for his own good.
  • Conrad is at the hospital and he bribes Gigi into helping dissuade Kit from bringing him back to Chastain, but Kit  got called away and Bell is there to take over.
  • Bell tries to talk Conrad into coming onboard with pretty much anything. He asks him to stick around for the day, and AJ comes in needing Conrad's help because his mother is back at the hospital.
  • Trevor talks to Billie and they seem to be cordial with each other.  He notes that she must've went to therapy to deal with matters.
  • Trevor is rubbing everyone the wrong way with his arrogance and challenging Devon.
  • Leela and Padma's parents are coming, and Leela is hiding that she and Devon live together.
  • Conrad figures out that Carol has low cortisol levels and AJ is relieved. He lost his father, so he doesn't want to lose his mother too.
  • Trevor treats a patient who he believes shows signs of alcohol withdrawal, but when he asks her about it, she attacks him. It causes Devon to sideline him.
  • Leela and Padma  have lunch with their parents but they're critical of Leela the whole time.
  • Trevor apologizes to the patient, undoes her restraints, and leaves a bottle near her. She ends up drinking and says she feels better.
  • Carol passes out. She's in multiple organ failure because of her immunotherapy which is both keeping her alive and causing the failure.
  • Devon tells Trevor that he's out of the program since he gave her a beer just to prove a point.
  • They have to stop Carol's immunotherapy temporarily. But she wants to continue with it.
  • Conrad comforts AJ when he breaks down over his mother.
  • Leela stands up for herself at lunch and tells her parents she lives with Devon, too.
  • Trevor tells Billie that he struggled in medical school and AJ is the only reason he got an internship at Chastain. He tells Billie that Devon cut him.
  • Devon has Conrad talk to Trevor and feel him out. Trevor talks to Carol and tells her the truth about what's she up against. He shows such empathy that Conrad thinks he has a shot.
  • Devon extends Trevor a second chance.
  • Billie talks to AJ. He tells her that he wasn't the one to recommend that Trevor come to Chastain, and she tells him that she knows because he did.
  • COnrad tells Bell he's coming back to Chastain.
The Resident
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The Resident Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

You're impossibly talented, and doling out B12 shots for hangovers that impact is minuscule to what you can do here.


Bell: I have hope because you came today. If you weren't even going to consider it, why even show up?
Conrad: Same reason you did? You don't say no to Kit Voss.