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  • A former patient of Conrad's comes into the hospital and only wants him to treat him.
  • Devon meets Marco, someone who claims he has something that fxes aging.
  • Padma is overwhelmed on her first day with the twins without help.
  • Raja expects Conrad to make him better
  • Conrad and Cade plan dinner with Gigi for the night.
  • Conrad worries that Raja may have menigitis. He finds a spinal hardward from the surgery he had eight years ago sticking out
  • AJ calls Padma to check in and notices that she seems overwhelmed
  • They learn that Raja stopped going to his cancer treatment
  • Billie checks Raja's brain performs a procedure and he has a brain infection that starts oozing out. Billie tells Conrad about how people deny things all the time and she can relate to it.
  • Conrad asks AJ to perform a risky surgery.
  • Leela checks in on Padma but Padma is really overhwlmed.
  • Conrad talks to Raja's fiancee to get her medical decision. She didn't know about so much of what was going on with him.
  • AJ talks to Leela about Padma because he's worried and Leela lies about how well she thinks Padma is doing. Meanwhile, Padma calls the doctor thinking something is worng because the babies are always crying and seemed to be hoping that she had a reason to bring them in
  • Irving shares with Devon that he's afraid of death, it got put into perspective when Jessica almost died.
  • Devon and Irving realize that Marco has been taking chemo drugs
  • They explain what happens to Marco. He offers to do a clinical trial to help him slow down aging and offers to fund it and whatever Devon wants funded.
  • Bell returned
  • Leela and Devon both seem to be reconsidering their feelings about kids with Leela maybe wanting them and Devon realizing that he doesn't.
  • AJ heads to Padma's  and the house is a mess. The babies are sleep but Padma is in the bathroom. She breaks down crying when she sees AJ.
The Resident
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The Resident Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

It's complicated. Sometimes you need a dose of denial to have hope.


Devon: What is the scientific question that you want me to answer?
Marco: Isn't that obvious? How to live forever.