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29 Years Ago...

George is visiting Helen at a mental institution. She burnt down city hall. She doesn't think she's sick. After George leaves, they all find out the dam burst. As the rest of the people at the hospital head up to the building, Helen goes outside where she sees the water coming toward her. 

Present Day...

Helen hooks up with a man who works at the dam. He tells her about a bunch of dynamite locked up. She gets his keys and bashes his head with a rock. Helen finds the dynamite.

After waking up in the morgue, Simon found his way to the community center where Peter gives him money and the van to leave and start over. Simon goes to Rowan's house and takes Chloe. Rowan drives after them, but crashes her car. Tommy gets everyone on the hunt for finding them. Simon and Chloe have a heart to heart and he decides to bring her back. Simon asks Rowan to meet him at the church where they were supposed to get married. Simon tells Pastor Leon about how hard it is to watch the people he loves move on. Rowan shows up and hits him. He tells her he knows what he wants is no longer there. Simon says goodbye to Chloe and says he'll always be with her. Simon leaves before Tommy and the police show up.

Nikki looks into Victor's past. She speaks with a woman whose neighbor's house burned down. She says the boy whom her neighbor was taking care of did it. He burned the house down with both of them inside. Julie asks Victor if he hurt Tony because he was protecting her. He just smiles. While Julie is in the shower, Nikki shows up and is confronted by Victor in the stairwell. Victor doesn't say anything, but he conjures a version of Julie that tells Nikki it's her fault she was attacked, and that she's done with her for good. Nikki is sent tumbling down the stairs. Julie hears the noise from inside her bathroom. She's horrified to see Nikki bleeding at the bottom of the stairs with Victor just looking at her.

As the bus crash memorial event is set to happen that night, the parents tell Peter they don't want Camille or her family there. At home, Camille tells Lena about all the awful things their friends are saying about her. Camille goes to see Peter and tells him she needs his help. At the memorial, Peter brings Camille in front of everyone. The parents are outwardly upset. Claire and Lena show up in time for Peter to drop the bomb shell that he's just like Camille. He died 29 years ago.

The Returned
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The Returned Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

I don't know your sister, but if she's like Simon now, you should be careful.


We both know there are more. It's not just me. But if we all just run and hide, they'll never accept us. You can't give up on me. Not now.