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29 Years Ago...

Back when Peter was still alive and named Andrew, he and Richard hide out in the woods where Peter tells Richard he's done with him because of the murders. They get in a fight with a gun, an Richard shoots Peter, killing him.

Present Day...

Tommy arrests Peter on bogus charges because of the suspicious news he revealed. Claire comes to the police station and asks Peter to explain himself. He lies to her and tells her he died in the flood. She accuses him of hiding behind her daughter and leaves. Claire is visited by a journalist who wants to ask her about Camille. She refuses to speak with her. The journalist comes by the police station to talk to Peter. She names off a bunch of towns who reported people rising from the dead. More importantly, those towns eventually disappeared in an instant with everyone in them. 

After learning Nikki will be okay, Julie demands to know if Victor has hurt anyone else. Instead of answering her, he keeps turning on the radio. He eventually shows Julie that he can do things with his mind when he turns on the radio just by looking at it. Julie brings Victor to the house he was murdered in. She tells him there is no fairy to take care of him. He argues and says there is. She tells him she loves him, but she can't be with him anymore. Victor conjures up the hooded man who attacked her. Victor makes the man disappear and then disappears himself. Julie calls out for him, but he's gone. Julie tells Nikki it's over with Victor. Victor is picked up by another woman on the side of the road. 

Camille and Lena go to a swimming hole with their friends. Once there, they run into Hunter and Ben. Hunter apologizes for what he wrote about Camille online. Camille takes some shrooms with everyone. Hunter ends up confronting Camille and accusing her of not being human. He cuts her arm with a knife to see if she bleeds. Camille runs off into the woods with Lena and Ben chasing after her. After splitting up, Lena runs into an angry looking Adam. Ben finds Camille and it's revealed that even though she shared a kiss with Ben first, he ended up sleeping with Lena because she was ready to hook up. However, Ben says he developed feelings for Lena after Camille died. Camille aggressively kisses him and they have sex. During the sex, Ben imagines Camille and Lena. When it's over, Camille is horrified to find Ben has died. 

Rowan and Tommy's wedding goes off without a hitch. Lucy continues to hear voices from the people who died in the flood. At the reception at the bar, Lucy hears voices and tells Rowan she needs to deliver a message to her. She tells her she needs to listen to the man when he comes to see her. When Rowan asks who, Lucy tells her the man who's the father of the baby she's carrying. 

Helen picks up Simon on the side of the road. The tire in her car blows out and they almost go off the edge of a cliff. Simon sees the dynamite in her car. Helen knocks him out. After abandoning Simon, Helen goes to the dam tunnels. She goes to light the dynamite, but the flame gets blown out. Something else ignites the dam bursting. As Simon rushes back to Caldwell, he sees the water from the dam come over the mountain and begin to flood the town. However, in an instant, the flood disappears and the town appears normal. Simon starts running toward the town. 

The Returned
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The Returned Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Don't worry. I'm not gonna, like, eat your brains or whatever else Hunter's been saying.


I don't know who or what you are, but it's wrong.