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The group comes across a crew member of Emmet's this week, but there's a pretty big problem.

In the footage they find of the Magus, they learn the river did not want to let the Magus go.

A former crew member of Emmet's, Jonas the cameraman is found hanging in the jungle.

Video footage shows Jonas had no boundaries and filmed anything, despite Emmet's desires.

Much like we have seen in the news over recent years, it began raining dead birds near the Magus.

Jonas has been hanging by the side of the Bouina ever since being kicked off the Magus by Emmet.

Lincoln wants to save Jonas, but Tess wants to toss Jonas off the ship to save the rest of the crew.

When Jonas chose to take his own life, his spirit was set free.

Tess and Lincoln see a video of Emmet where he apologizes for the choice he made about Jonas and wonders if a better man could have made a different decision. That man was Lincoln.



The River
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The River Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Death needs dignity, not ambition.


Do you? Because you're supposed to be the head of security and the only thing you seem to be securing is dinner.