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When Jahel is possessed by the spirit of Emmet, Tess is more certain than ever that he is alive. Despite his spirit telling her to go home, they set out to rescue him in the jungle. They run across an old cemetery and then a graveyard for a child who had died in the river. This graveyard was full of dolls and stuffed animals, including Lincoln's own childhood toy.

Despite the creepy surroundings, they decide to camp there for the night. The dolls are not happy, and the dead girl's spirit takes Lincoln's mother since she cannot have her own. They work on a solution to that problem and make it safely back to the Magus. Lena is certain Emmet only called upon her because she was available, but evidence leads us to believe he may have had ulterior motives.

The River
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The River Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

You should put the camera down and watch where you're walking Clark.


Clark: We need a new camera operator.
AJ: Well, the last one got his head taken off by a ghost, so good luck with that.