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Damien Roberts gives a speech, but after, his car blows up from a bomb.
Cutty watches the Damien news on Tv, where he and Simone ponder it revealing that Simone and Damien know each other.
With Simone's help, Brendon learns that Antoinette and carter are not dating. He asks her out, and she accepts.
Garza is back and has a new task for the team. as the protective detail for Damien. Simone and Garza are given the duty of always being with him.
Carter learns that Damien and Simone used to be involved romantically.
At Damien's campaign headquarters, Simone and Carter plan how best to protect Damien.
There is a residual attraction between Simone and Damien.
At the FBI HQ, Garza gives the team potential suspects who might have attacked Damien.
Laura and Brendon go to check out one of the suspects, who gives them a run for their money and escapes, but they find evidence of where he might be next.
They inform Simone and Garza, headed to St. Stephens Hospital, where Damien has an event he refuses to cancel.
Booker shows up, forcing Simone to rush Damien to safety.
On being interrogated, Booker reveals that his group did not blow up Damien's car.
Brendon's ex-girlfriend drops a memoir that doesn't paint him in the best light.
Simone is tasked with looking after Damien during the night since there is still a credible threat against him.
New developments in Brendon's personal life scare Antoinette, who pulls back on the planned date.
Simone ends up in Damien's house, and they end up hooking up.
Antoinette's lead pans out.
Garza warns Brendon about the pitfalls of dating co-workers.
Simone starts getting cold feet the morning after.
Surveillance footage reveals the bomber.
Damien lies to his assistant about the nature of his and Simone's relationship right before another attempt on his life.
Carter and Simone realize that Damien might not be the target; his assistant Emma is.
They track him down just as he arrives at Emma's office, and a shootout ensues. Simone talks Connor's dad out of committing suicide after they have him cornered.
Simone turns down Damien's offer to join him in DC.
Antoinette agrees to go out with Brendon after realizing she might regret not giving him a chance.
Simone stares at Damien as he gives a speech on TV.
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The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Simone: Good Lord, Brendon. In this particular case, don't act like Laura. Be more like me.
Brendon: Ok, but what would you do?
Simone: I'm glad you asked. Carter, are you hooking up with Antoinette or what? I'm just asking.
Carter: I'm sorry, what? Why in the world would you think that and then shout it across the bullpen?

Laura: Ok, what's going on? Is there an emergency?
Brendon: Yes. Well, no. It's kind of you know, my ex-girlfriend, Heather Jacobs.
Laura: The model?
Brendon: Yeah. So apparently, she wrote a memoir. She dropped a couple of chapters online.
Laura: I take it you don't come off well?
Brendon: No. she wrote that I'm a narcissistic serial dater who's definitely afraid of being alone and needs constant validation in order to breathe.