Trapped In The Tropics - The Rookie: Feds
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Simone and Carter are tracking a criminal in the tropics. They spot him, but he tries to escape before Simone apprehends him.

Back at the FBI HQ, Garza and a colleague discuss the case, and Garza promises to keep him informed of any developments.

Elena comes to Garza with a handbag and reveals that she found some diamonds sewn into the lining.

Garza calls in Brendon and Laura, who, upon inspecting the bag, realize more diamonds are sewn into the bag's hidden compartments.

In the tropics, Simone and Carter are making their way to the airport to take their suspect -- Benard -- home to the US.

They realize that they have been set up when the police car leading them dumps them, and a bunch of vehicles block them; They manage to get out safely.

Brendon and Laura go to the FBI forensics lab to get the diamonds tested and verified. They meet a lab attendant who is having a rough day.

Brendon attempts to strike up a conversation with her with no success.

Using the serial numbers on the diamonds, they track down a suspect who they learn that she is dead but had an accomplice.

They bring in the dead woman's husband but he isn't of much help.

They track a guy who was robbed while transporting the diamonds and they learn some identifying information about the woman,

Carter and Simone make it back to the US.

While at home on a double date with her father and Dina, a visitor makes rude comments about Dina.

Garza and Laura find the woman who reveals that she was only hired for the heist and that her partner was planning to run away from her abusive husband -- who they have in custody.

Garza learns of a mole in the FBI; the mole has taken Benard to go find some storage drive containing evidence.

Brendon and the lab attendant develop a rapport.

Carter and Simone bust the mole before he could kill Benard.

Laura arrests the husband for trying to attack her after she called him out on his abuse.

Benard reveals where he hid a copy of the drive.

The unit goes to the tropics.

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The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Simone: Good morning, baby! I made you these 'cause I figured you would be thirsty from all that sweet, sweet love we made last night.
Carter: Simone, what the hell are you talking about?

Garza: That's a nice purse.
Elena: You sound so old. It's a handbag.