L - Brendon - The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 12
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The episode opens with a reality tv interview style. Simone, Smitty, Brendon, and Garza are interviewed.
Smitty talks about a case he stumbled upon where the victim was drained of blood and had brought it to the FBI to get Brendon's input.
A scene shows Brendon as Vampire Cop.
The interviewer asked how Garza's team didn't think of anything supernatural about the case, just as it is revealed that Brendon knew the victim, a former actor.
Fans are convinced that Brendon is a vampire, so people who know him are interviewed, including his father, who shows up with baby teeth.
Laura and Carter say they don't believe that Brendon is a vampire.
A visit to a suspect gets carter excited when they discover that he's a children's books writer with a rare skin disease.
Laura and Mark Atlas are interviewed about another suspect, and their competitiveness emerges.
Laura and Mark learn that the suspect claims he's innocent and has evidence to prove he's not the killer and had been clout-chasing.
It unnerves her.
A question about the nature of Mark and Laura's relationship upsets her, and they stop the interview. They are caught on live mic admitting to being in a relationship.
A body is stolen, leading the team to a new suspect, who leads them to an unknown suspect.
The new suspect is a beauty cosmetics entrepreneur who used human blood to make anti-aging cream.
On being interrogated, Layla denies any knowledge about using blood as an ingredient.
The FBI obtained a search warrant for Layla's home and arrive to find Layla and her son arguing, and he shoots her.
It is revealed that the son had been using Dante's blood in the cream without her mom's knowledge.
The FBI learns of another victim and saves her.
Mark and Laura are caught making out with the mic on again.
Simone says she stopped using Layla's products; Smitty reveals he bought as many as possible before they were recalled.
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The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

If you're hot, you're hot. If you're not, you're not.


Smitty: the case of the mudslide marauder...
Interviewer: No one calls him that.
Smitty: On Smitty Streets, they do.