A Complicated Kidnapping Case - The Rookie: Feds
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As part of their training as Rookies, Simone and Brendon have to complete the task of installing surveillance items in a premise. Veteran surveillance expert Bob oversees this.

Bob quietly passes away due to a heart condition.

The team successfully installs surveillance to spy on a criminal known as Kazan, who will be hosting his daughter's birthday party on the premise, which is a restaurant.

Simone meets DJ, a potential romantic interest. Her father, however, discourages her from pursuing this relationship on account of Deena coming with a lot of drama.

Laura's ex-best friend, who cheated on her with her then-partner, shows up, upsetting her.

While on surveillance, the team discovers that the kitchen wasn't bugged. Simone charms her way into the kitchen and bugs it with the help of carter.

Carter unsuccessfully tries to reconnect with his wife.

While removing surveillance from the restaurant, the team learns there is a forbidden between Rusty and Tobias' kids. Aliz Kazan and Kellen Filmore.

The kids are abducted, which shifts the team's priorities to rescue. They invite the dads to HQ, but the dads don't trust each other.

Brendon uses the proof of life video sent to image search the location. Laura and Brendon talk about Laura's romantic problems.

On arriving at the location, they find a bunch of young college-age kids as the kidnappers. Rusty drops off ransom money.

Brendon and Laura find Kellen.

During interrogation, the team realizes Aliz might be guilty of something. She might have faked a kidnapping. Aliz, on realizing that she might be found, kills one of her accomplices and cuts her hand to fake a stabbing.

Ultimately the team arrests Aliz when she confesses to the abduction and killing of the guy.

Laura goes off Katy for betraying her with Sam.

Simone advises Carter to seek therapy to get through the divorce; to be honest with his son about the divorce.

Simone and Cutty have a conversation about their dating lives, revealing that Cutty is dating Ruth -- DJ's mother. Simone and DJ also get something going.

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The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Simone: I'd love to [go to the jazz place]. But I gotta work
DJ: Put your number in.
Simone: You don't mess around.
DJ: Not when I see something I want.

Laura: I'm just startled. That's all.
Garza: The new phone you just bought says otherwise. Clearly Katy's call upset you.