L - Nolan and Simone - The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 10
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The episode opens with Garza in surgery. Elena is on the phone with Laura giving her updates.
Carter takes over the team in Garza's absence and introduces the case of the stolen undercover list of agents.
Brendon and I.T. intercept communication on the possible whereabouts of the prime suspect.
Nolan warns the team that Amy might be dangerous.
They find her, and a gunfight ensues. As she tries to make a run for it, she is run over by a car.
Brendon tries to flirt with Antoinette on the accident scene but bombs.
Simone invites Nolan over for dinner, and they agree to look over Cutty's garage, which she wants to renovate.
Brendon asks Laura for relationship advice concerning asking out Antoinette.
Brendon and Laura interview Amy's accomplice. He reviews the location of the exchange.
Carter and Simone arrive at the location to find it empty. They see a CCTV camera meaning someone's watching. The watcher calls and makes his demands.
He asks for a prisoner to be released, or he will leak a name every day from the list.
The team hatches a plan to safeguard the undercover agents. Simone interrogates the prisoner, a Colombian anti-government resistance rebel group soldier. He refuses to give out any information.
An undercover agent's name is released while he's working, and he is stabbed and killed. When Brendon and Laura find him, it makes Brendon livid when his killer smiles while laying out his defense.
Garza wakes up and wants in on the action. Simone notices that Brendon is not okay. He gets attached to the case, and it becomes personal for him.
Unknowingly, John reveals that Simone is planning on renovating Cutty's garage. He doesn't take kindly to the information.
Brendon finds another suspect who might have been connected to the case.
Simone visits Garza, who offers some sound advice concerning Cutty.
In the hospital, Simone sees the suspect in a BOLO Brendon sent out. The man ambushes and nearly overpowers her before Garza comes in and helps her.
The hospital suspect gives Carter and Simone all the information they need to identify the silent prisoner -- Raul.
Raul reveals why he was in the U.S. and why he got himself arrested. 
Simone hatches a plan to arrest Cesar. This constitutes giving him the password to the crypto wallet where Raul keeps the weapons money.
The team catches him in action as he buys the weapons.
Carter expresses his dissatisfaction with being passed over for promotion multiple times.
Garza is discharged from the hospital.
Brendon learns that Carter and Antoinette might be going out.
Simone and Cutty makeup. He agrees to let Simone renovate the garage.
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The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Tracy: Carter, Your time for advancement will come.
Carter: It already has. Several times. They just always gave the promotion to someone else.

Laura: Wait, do you not know how to ask someone out on a date?
Brendon: Of course I do. I've been famous for a long time.
Laura: Oh, here we go.
Brendon: I just ... since I started dating, people always wanted to date me. Celebrities are a real social lubricant.
Laura: Okay, never say that again.
Brendon: Antoinette doesn't care about what TV shows or movies I've done. And I kinda like her, you know.
Laura: Well, you're not a celebrity now, so ...
Brendon: ...so I should just act like a normal person and ask her out.