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Officer Nolan is being sued. A man says Nolan shoved him out of the way during a pursuit and dislocated his shoulder. He wants $50,000 to settle the suit. Nolan’s Union appointed attorney is Simon Parks and this is his first case. Despite being told to keep quiet, Nolan keeps jumping in during the arbitration and makes it worse. When Nolan is called away because Officer Bishop has gone missing, Parks is able to win the case. 

Detective Jenkins is arrested for giving false testimony ten years ago and an innocent woman, Samantha Bennet, has been in prison for ten years for attempted murder. Three other cases that Jenkins testified on have been overturned and Officers are asked to check on the felons who have been released.

Upon checking on Terry Wright, Bishop realizes that he had contact with her foster brother, Dylan and worries Wright will contact him. Dylan and Talia were in the same foster home, a bad one. Dylan’s still angry she got moved out of the home and he was left behind but she always kept tabs on him. 

Bishop follows Dylan, and finds he and Wright about to rob a stash house. Their partner gets the jump on Bishop and she ends up handcuffed in the back of their van. The third partner is killed when the robbery goes wrong. Dylan is hurt and Wright drives them to an oil field where he plans to kill Bishop but Dylan kills Wright instead. 

Bishop has to arrest Dylan. Then she goes to Sgt. Grey to confess that Dylan was her foster brother, she knew he had a criminal history, and she didn’t disclose it when she applied to the police academy. With Internal Affairs circling due to the Jenkins case, Grey has no choice but to turn her in. 

Commander West is upset because he knows Jackson is hiding something from him. He pushes Sgt. Grey to tell him how Jackson is doing on the job and even questions whether Lopez is the right training officer for him. The Commander asked for Bradford to be his son’s training officer because he considers him “a cop’s cop.” Grey stands up to West, telling him he won’t share information and there’s no special treatment. Jackson will be treated like every other rookie and that means no parental check-ins.

Jackson finally tells his father what the escaped felon, Oscar said about West being corrupt. Commander West is angry but admits that things were different when he was on the street. It took weeks to get fingerprint results and there was no DNA. Police cut corners but he doesn’t consider himself a dirty cop. Jackson is upset and doesn’t know what to believe. 

Officers Bradford and Chen respond to an assault at a paintball course. Afterward, Chen tells Bradford that he needs a hobby. The two end up playing paintball. 

The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

The oldest boot paired with the youngest lawyer. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

Officer Bishop

Officer Bradford: Don’t take it personally, being sued is part of the job.
Officer Lopez: That’s why we’re required to have liability insurance.