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The rookies get punked into making a promotional video for the LAPD. They’re horrible and everyone gets a good laugh. 

Jessica Russo, formerly of the FBI’s hostage rescue team is asked to help train LAPD officers. She’s personal friends with Sgt. Grey and his wife and encourages Grey to retire and come work with her. He turns her down. 

Jessica has written a book on hostage rescue which Nolan has read.  

LAPD is called to the scene when a prison transport bus crashes loaded with convicts from the courthouse. Seven convicts escape and are considered dangerous.

Nolan watches a deputy officer die after his leg is severed and then he’s attacked by a felon but manages to fight him off and arrest him. Before the deputy dies, he asks Nolan to tell Beth that he loves her. The deputy had no wife or girlfriend so it takes Nolan a while to track her down. Beth is a fellow deputy and a friend who the man never had the courage to ask out.    

Caleb Jost a former investment banker who was sentenced to five years for securities fraud and another eight for biting off the nose of the deputy attorney general is on the run. Working with Jessica Russo, Bishop and Nolan track him to his ex-wife’s aunts house. Caleb has the aunt tied to a chair with a gun duct taped to her head and he’s holding a string tied to the trigger while he gets the money he’s had hidden in her chimney. 

Russo says to keep Caleb off balance and asserts that he’s narcissistic, not suicidal. With that information and Russo’s prodding, Nolan and the team manage to get Caleb to back down. They arrest him and release the aunt unharmed. 

Marcos Gibson is another fugitive on the run and a former gang member. The gang wants him dead because he had been sleeping with the head of the gang’s woman before he was sentenced. Awaiting backup and with the house surrounded by gang members, Chen asks Bradford whether it isn’t better to give them Gibson in order to save themselves. Bradford tells her they don’t get to choose who they serve and protect.

Bradford goes out to talk to the head of the gang. He tells him that he is never alone and never outnumbered just as LAPD swoops in with overwhelming manpower. The gang members are arrested and Gibson is brought back into custody. 

Officers West and Lopez recapture a fugitive who tells West that his father used to use him for information in the 1990s and planted a gun on him for a murder he committed in order to arrest him once he was no longer useful. The information rattles Jackson but he decides not to believe the man. 

Officer Bradford decides it’s time to push himself out of his comfort zone and take the sergeant’s exam which is in two months.

Nolan asks Jessica Russo to sign his copy of her book. She signs it and adds her phone number. 



The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

This guy bites off noses, I don’t want to get surprised by him.

Officer Nolan

Officer Bradford: Predictive analytics.
Jessica Russo: You sound skeptical.
Officer Bradford: No, Ma’am. I’ve just found that the best way to catch a criminal is to hit the streets.
Jessica Russo: That’s because you have no experience doing it any other way.