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As Kyle fires, Nolan knocks the gun out of his hands and a fight ensues at Nolan’s home. Lucy has a gun on them but Nolan throws Kyle through the window and he’s unconscious. Lucy fears that she’ll be fired for lying to Internal Affairs about their relationship and Nolan tells her to leave before the police get there. When Nolan is interviewed, he tells Commander West that he was alone. 

Alex Montgomery’s shooting is declared justifiable but Commander West thinks Nolan is hiding something concerning Kyle Montgomery’s shooting, especially when Kyle swears there was someone else in the house. 

While watching a young boy at the police station whose father came to pick him up drunk, Nolan realizes that telling the truth matters. He tells Lucy he’s considering telling West exactly what happened but she reminds him of the good they do as cops and that she doesn’t want to lose her career. 

When Isabel disappears after being made as an informant, Bradford fears she’s dead. Officers find her in a dumpster. She’s been shot in the head but she’s still alive and she survives her surgery. 

The manhunt for Marcus Vance, who is believed to have shot Isabel, begins. They find Vance’s very pregnant girlfriend in a housing complex. Vance is hiding in another apartment and he and another man open fire on Officer Bishop. They also use a frequency jammer so that the officers can’t use their radios or cell phones to call for backup. 

Vance’s girlfriend goes into labor with Bradford and Chen while Vance and his men close in. Two detectives arrive and walk into an ambush. One is killed while Bishop works to save the other. Lopez and West make their way down to the basement to shut off the power and kill the frequency jammer so that they can call for help.

Officer Chen delivers the baby just as Vance and his men break in. Chen is shot in the vest as Bradford fights off multiple assailants and Vance tries to grab his child but Chen gets up and stops him. 

Officers Lopez and West are pinned down and out of ammo when Commander West, Nolan and the rest of a team apprehend the men shooting at them. 

Back at the station, Commander West clears Nolan of Kyle Montgomery’s shooting without further investigation. Later that night, Lucy comes to Nolan’s house. It’s been a difficult day and she’d like it if they can talk from time to time and be friends. Nolan says he would like that too. They share a beer and order pizza. 



The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Sgt. Grey: What are you doing here? Why aren’t you at the hospital?
Officer Bradford: Because I can’t do brain surgery but I can catch the guy who put that bullet in her head.

As long as you’re clear with yourself there’s no reason you have to share anything.

Officer Yamata