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Nolan asks Grace to come over to his newly renovated kitchen for dinner and she accepts.


Nolan’s estranged father died and left him $14.00 and his 1971 Chevelle. He hasn’t seen his father in over 30 years. His half-brother, Pete, drives the car up from Tempe and brings it to the station. Nolan, not knowing Pete is his brother, says his father was a piece of crap. Pete punches Nolan and Harper arrests him. Nolan lets Pete go but when Nolan asks if Pete wants to get together he storms off, but comes back to apologize.


Just as Nolan and Grace are about to kiss at his house, they hear the Chevelle being stolen. They track down Pete and he and Nolan talk. Turns out their father loved Pete but wasn’t always so great. He drank a lot, gave Pete his first drink at 13 and his first joint at 15, so maybe Nolan dodged a bullet. Pete gives him back the car and gives him half their father’s ashes. They promise to keep in touch. Before Grace leaves for the night, she and Nolan finally kiss. 


Nolan and Harper follow up on a liquor store robbery where the husband was beaten and the wife was killed. The suspect also stole a roll of scratch-off lottery tickets. One of those tickets is turned in by a stripper, Chastity, who was given it as a tip. Nolan and Chastity go through the surveillance footage and find the guy, Tucker.


Tucker got the ticket from Cole, who committed the robbery and murder. When Cole tries to cash in a ticket at the train station, Harper and Nolan try to arrest him but he runs and holds a gun on a baby. They convince him to give himself up before anyone gets hurt.


Pete comes back and steals Nolan’s car again. This time Nolan lets him take it. 


Smitty got the lowest scores on the last Sergeant’s exam and has had to wear a Mr. Irrelevant sash. Tim worries about his results but he has the eighth highest score out of 140. He expects a promotion will still take about six months but Sgt. Grey says he can pull some strings and get him a position in North Hollywood in two weeks.


Bradford and Chen follow up on a home invasion where the victim, Nevin, is trying to break free of a gang. The gang wants him to launder drug money through his bakery. Sgt. Grey recommends that Bradford and Chen use Nevin as a criminal informant and get him to launder the money so they can take down the gang members but it could ruin Nevin’s life. 


Bradford encourages all of the cops to go to Nevin’s bakery regularly, making it impossible for the gang to do business there. Bradford tells Lucy he’s not ready to take the promotion because he hasn’t finished training her yet. 


Wesley’s mother is arrested when an unlicensed gun is found in her car during a traffic stop. She got it from her tennis instructor, Christian, whom she’s dating. Lopez tells Wesley that the gun was used in an armed robbery six months ago. Wesley’s mother gives up Christian and Lopez and West arrest him. 

The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Nolan: Yesterday I didn’t have a brother and today I have a brother. That is a serious shift in the Universe.
Harper: Is it? Look, real siblings are people that you share your childhood with, that guy shares some DNA. It doesn’t make him your brother.

The Sergeant’s exam happens once every two years and whoever scores the lowest gets called Mr. Irrelevant cause they got no chance of getting promoted.