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The terror suspect Jessica shot in the shed had a cell phone on him. Just before he was killed he made a call to another burner phone. She and Sgt. Grey worry about another attack.

Bradford has a severe reaction to the shot he was given and goes into anaphylactic shock in the ambulance with Chen by his side. When the ambulance arrives at the hospital, a woman with an assault weapon steps out and opens fire on them. The other officers return fire. Nolan wings the woman but when he goes to reload, she pulls up her weapon to fire on him. Bradford bursts out of the back of the ambulance and shoots her before she can shoot Nolan. The suspect is still alive and Nolan cuffs her. 

Two weeks later…It’s revealed that Officer Talia Bishop took a job at ATF as she was never going to have the career she wanted at LAPD after she lied on her application. 

Nolan is renovating his new home as Jessica watches and drinks wine from a plastic cup. He worries about her seemingly cavalier attitude after shooting the terror suspect, but she tells him that the longer you’re on the job, the less it affects you.

Wesley and Angela are now living together but he hates how messy she is. When he tries to talk to her about it, she gets upset. Later, he finds her cleaning and in tears and prods her to talk to him. She says she’s never lived with someone before or been in love like this and she doesn’t want to mess this up. They agree to hire a maid.

Sgt. Grey rides with Nolan and they interrupt three men stealing police uniforms but the suspects getaway on motorcycles. Later, they find the three motorcycles set on fire, and the suspect they saw in the store was killed and burned with the bikes. 

Later, Chen finds a man dressed as a cop stealing a radio from a police car in the garage. She chases him but he gets away in a waiting vehicle. 

The fake cops are planning to steal a truck with evidence from old trials that is on its way to be destroyed. Cash, weapons, and drugs. 

Jessica pulls Nolan to help her run down a lead but is really wondering why he didn’t call her back the night before. It bothered him that he saw her laughing over the burned body at the crime scene. 

While following a lead, Nolan and Jessica come across one of the fake cops holding a missing woman hostage. She’s a court clerk and is forced to call in and give her security code to stop one of the trucks in the evidence convoy. When the fake cop is about to shoot her, Nolan sneaks into the house through the crawl space and stops him. 

Later, Nolan tells Jessica that he doesn’t want to do the job if he has to go numb to survive it. That’s not the kind of cop he wants to be. 

The results are in from the rookies exams. The scores are a 97, 91 and 81. An 80 is passing. Everyone assumes Nolan or Chen got the 81 and Bradford give Chen a hard time about it, being even stricter with her training. 

Turn out that Nolan got the 97, Chen the 91 and West got the low score of 81 on his exams. Grey extends his rookie program. He’s back in long sleeve and his TO still has to write up daily evaluations.


The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Bradford: Are you okay?
Nolan: I should have reloaded on the move. You?
Bradford: I should have taken yesterday off.

Sgt. Grey: You think there’s a third terrorist out there?
Jessica: Yeah, and we just killed his friends.