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Henry’s fiancée, Abigail, is considering becoming a cop and wants to do a ride-a-along with Nolan. Henry wants Nolan to scare her off the idea. When Nolan is assigned to be riding with Bradford, they decide to show her the more serious parts of the job.


Overall, Abigail does well and even Bradford says he’d put in a good word for her but her previous record from her arson incident at age 17 makes her ineligible. When Henry is relieved, Nolan calls him out on not empathizing and being honest with Abigail. Henry decides to tell her the truth and the two talk it out.  


Jackson tells Nolan that Lucy puts concealer over her Day of Death tattoo every day. She knows down to the hour how long she has to wait before she can have it removed.


Harper is concerned that Bradford’s desire to push Chen into fight mode to get her back into the swing of things on her first day back isn’t the right move.  So Harper offers to take Chen as her partner for the day since she has a better idea what Lucy has gone through. . Bradford agrees. Chen thinks it’s unneccesary. 


Later, Harper and Lopez take Chen out for a girls’ night of speed dating to get her over her fear of evaluating men. Unfortunately, one of the daters tries to grab a string off of Lucy’s sweater and she reacts but putting him face down on the ground. 


Harper tells Lucy about when a fellow cop assaulted her while she was undercover. She never told anyone and that’s why she wants to make sure Lucy faces what happens to her. 


Bradford finds Lucy in the gym and reminds her that she gets to view that tattoo whatever way she chooses. She might see it as a failure but it tells him what a survivor she is. They both agree that she’ll ride with him the next day. 


Jackson is seen on the red carpet and on TV with his movie star boyfriend, Sterling. Later, two women who saw the clip online accost him during a felony stop so that he can’t back up his partner. Jackson considers breaking up with Sterling because their careers conflict. Instead, the two stage a public breakup and decide to continue seeing one another quietly, out of the spotlight. 


The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Chen doesn’t need to fight. She needs to make peace with the voice inside her head telling her she’s never going to be safe again.


Nolan: Can you imagine walking around with a serial killer’s brand on you? When can she have it removed?
Lucy: Four weeks, two days, nine hours.