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Emmet breaks up with Lucy via text message, and she’s furious. She asks another EMT that Emmet works with, out on a date to get back at her ex. Bradford points out that the relationship didn’t seem very important to her until the break-up, and Lucy realizes she’s being petty. She breaks off the upcoming date, but the new guy says he plans to give her a couple of weeks and then ask her out this time. 
Commander West wants Jackson to join the Mayor’s security detail because it’s the quickest route to Internal Affairs, even though Jackson isn’t sure that’s the path he wants to take. Sgt. Grey wants Jackson to be on track to teach at the Academy, where Grey thinks he can do the most good. Eventually, Jackson has to tell them that it’s too soon for him to decide about the future of his career, but he hopes he can ask for their advice moving forward. They both agree. 
Austin Abasi, the adult son of Judge and Mrs. Abasi, is kidnapped. When $100,000 ransom is paid, the kidnappers decided to ask for $1 million. d Det. Lopez is in charge of the case. They find a DNA sample at Austin’s apartment. It’s female and possibly the daughter of Oscar, the man who stabbed Wesley. 
Officers Nolan and Harper take Oscar on a ride-along to try and find the daughter he claims he never knew he had. The girl is Ashey, and she’s been dating Austin. When Austin’s parents cut him off, he decided to pretend to be kidnapped and get the 100K, but then his drug dealer actually abducted Austin and is asking for the $1 million. 
Oscar, who has earned a law degree while in prison, tries to be Ashley’s attorney. When the FBI takes over, Oscar tries to get himself a better deal and then tries to escape, but Nolan and Harper catch him, and both he and Ashley are arrested.
They track down the drug dealer holding Austin and sending pints of his blood to his parents as proof of life. Harper and Nolan arrest the two dealers and save Austin.
Wesley’s mother wants to set up a trust fund for Wesley and Angela’s baby. Angela thinks it’s a great idea until she sees what happened to Austin and realizes the dangers of having money. She decides that she, Wesley, and his mom need to structure the trust fund so that it won’t allow the child to become an entitled brat. 
Nolan misses his college exam due to work. His professor says the only way he can take a make-up is to correctly answer a legal question. Eventually, Nolan realizes that none of the options she’s given is a correct answer. She seems pleased and allows him to take the test. 
The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Bradford: We don’t talk feelings. We drink and watch sports together.
Lucy: That’s guy for friends.
Jackson: Straight guy for friends.

Wesley: Believe me, there are complications to having money.
Angela: Like always being able to pay the rent or buy food.
Wesley: Like having your child kidnapped for ransom.