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Lucy's car is stolen. She and Tim find the girl who stole it. Tamara is 17 and appears to be living out of Lucy's car. She says she's been on the street for a year. Lucy sends her to a group home, but Tamara runs away. 
Tim tells Lucy that every rookie takes on a lost cause, and this is hers. But Lucy tracks Tamara down at her school and offers to let her use her old car until they can find a safe home for her, as long as Tamara checks in once a day. Tamara takes the deal. 
Officer Doug Stanton is Jackson's new training officer for his last 25 days as a rookie. They initially get along great, and Stanton offers to put in a good word for Jackson with S.W.A.T.
While responding to a black family whose home has been robbed, Stanton accuses the teenager of being in a gang. To deescalate the situation, Jackson asks Stanton to allow him to interview the family on his own as part of his training.
Stanton used to work in a gang unit and sees things through that lens. He says Jackson has a lot to learn, but West fears that Stanton's perspective is racists. When he voices his concerns to Bradford, Tim tells him to take what he can learn from Stanton, ignore the rest, and get through the next 24 days. Jackson isn't happy with that advice.
Angela's first day as a detective has a rocky start when she responds to a break-in at a funeral home and finds an unknown body was cremated. Det. Caradine chastises her for pursuing it because they have only ashes, no DNA, gender, or any other information to identify the body.
Angela continues to investigate and through a shoe-print and old alarm code, realizes the perpetrator is a former employee who has been disposing of bodies for the mob. The case turns into a huge win for the department. 
Harper and Nolan are assigned to help with the 4th Street Community Center. James Murray, a local, believes the center is only staffed when the police are doing damage control. Harper agrees. 
Nolan notices that the local park is locked, but the city didn't lock it, so he has it opened. James yells at him for reopening the park. The community locked the park because dealers and junkies knocked out all the lights, sell drugs, and get high there at night. There were needles and other drug paraphernalia left out, and the park was unsafe for kids. 
Nolan gets the lights changed, gets cameras and more patrols approved, but James only sees that the police are there to arrest more black and brown people. James says that it won't solve the problem unless they can stop meth from being sold in their neighborhood. 
Nolan befriends a day laborer who used to be a contractor who helps out at the community center. Later, the man contacts Nolan when he's been forced to help build a meth lab. Nolan insists that he and Harper assist S.W.A.T. so that they can make sure the man isn't killed in the raid. 
Nolan convinces Lucy and Jackson to volunteer as tutors at the community center. James brings his kids in for help with math, and Jackson is happy to help. When James offers to pay, Nolan asks him to spend some time telling him what the community really needs.
The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Bradford: Congratulations.
Chen: On what?
Bradford: On your first puppy. Every rookie adopts a puppy at some point. Someone they think they can save. Honestly, I’m surprised it took you this long.
Chen: Did you have a puppy?
Bradford: That’s not relevant here.

[To Chen] Even as parts, your car is worthless.