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Nolan's mom comes to stay with him after her fiancé cheats on her. 

The LAPD does a firearm prequalification. Lucy comes in first place, but Nolan doesn't pass. 

Angela works on solving a homicide. 

Lucy signs her car over to Tamara, who sells it. 

A woman complains about her Airbnb tenant giving birth in her house. Nolan and Harper get her to the hospital, but she struggles to trust the doctors. 

After talking to his wife, Grey considers retiring as a sergeant. 

Nolan gets a panicked call from his mom and rushes home. She refuses to give back the ring back to her fiancé, and he asks Nolan to file a police report. Nolan's mom feels betrayed.  

Tim and Lucy run into Tamara, who used the money from Lucy's car to buy clothes. 

Officer Stanton tackles a black pedestrian walking home and points a gun at him and his family. Tim and Lucy arrive, and Tim releases the family.

Nolan drives up to a car after shift and is shot at. Angela is put on the case. They find the shooter and discover he's a cop taking revenge on La Fiera, who he believes was responsible for the murder of his children. 

Angela realizes La Fiera will be on a college campus with her son, and the LAPD goes to protect her. 

Lucy tries to talk to Tim about Stanton, but Tim isn't convinced he's a racist. 

Angela finds La Fiera right as someone starts shooting at her and her son. She takes them inside while Nolan, Harper, Lucy, and Tim pursue the shooter.

After being disarmed, the shooter jumps off the roof to his death.

Jackson goes to Sergeant Grey to complain about Stanton, and Tim backs him up. 

Tamara apologizes to Lucy for the way she's treated her, and they go to get dinner. 

La Fiera leaves a doll for Angela to thank her for her help. 

Nolan and his mom make up. 

Grey tells his wife that he wants to make real change, implying he might not retire yet. 

The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

We're arresting the whole family? Even the grandmother? Are you serious?


This is not a costume. I am a police officer. Filing a report is his right.