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Nolan passes his Disciplinary Exam with 98%, but Sgt. Grey tells him he will still never make detective. 
Sgt. Grey wants to give Jackson a new Training Officer, but Jackson refuses. He’ll risk his entire career to get Stanton off the streets. He decides to play into Stanton’s ego and beg his forgiveness. It seems to work. 
Angela gets the results of her amnio, and the baby does not have Fragile X syndrome. She didn’t tell Wesley she was going for the results because she was still angry about being blindsided and didn’t know how she’d react if the results were positive. 
Nolan stumbles upon a man in a truck outside of the police department. He has a huge bomb in the truck and takes Nolan hostage. He wants an immediate release of Donald Felp, who is serving a life sentence for murder and drug possession. The police station goes into lockdown.
The man with the bomb is Graham Porter, and he has a dead man’s switch; if he lets it go, the bomb will go off. He also has a chemo port in his chest and is obviously quite ill. Nolan is handcuffed in the back of the truck when Graham falls unconscious, still barely holding the switch. Nolan manages to wake him by yelling and shaking the truck before he lets go.
Turns out Porter’s girlfriend, Kelsey, is in the police station. Kelsey’s ex-husband was abusive, so she ran and paid for a new identity, but the restaurant where she works was robbed, and the police now have her fingerprints. When they identify her, it will trigger the missing persons report on file, and her ex-husband will be able to find her. So she and Graham made up this elaborate ruse (the bomb isn’t real) so she could break into the evidence locker and steal back her prints. Once the truth comes out, Nolan manages to talk Graham down. 
Officer Stanton is convinced they have to go hard out on the street because of the lockdown at the station. He threatens a bunch of guys for having the hood up on their car on the street. Jackson stops him when he threatens to hit the guy with his baton. 
When Stanton tells Jackson his career is done, even if his daddy does work in Internal Affairs. Jackson tells Stanton he’s tired of dealing with his racism and that his daddy doesn’t work for IA, he runs it. So if Jackson’s career is over, he can expect IA to be targeting Stanton next. 
Stanton asks forgiveness and seems to be repentant, but later, he turns off his body cam. Stanton walks Jackson into a dangerous situation and doesn’t call for backup. Jackson is being beaten by four men. When Stanton sees it, he backs away. When Officer’s Bradford and Chen show up, Stanton claims he lost track of Jackson. 
When they find Jackson beaten badly and bleeding on the ground, Stanton feigns concern. When he bends down to check on Jackson, Jackson reaches up and turns Stanton’s body camera back on, knowing the cameras immediately save the last two minutes before it was officially restarted. The camera footage shows that Stanton left Jackson to be beaten.
Sgt. Grey takes Stanton’s badge and gun and starts the official investigation. Later, Grey visits Jackson in the hospital and tells him how proud he is of him for standing up, but he should have to risk his life to affect change. 
The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Bradford: What happened to deescalate or it will only make things harder for Jackson?
Chen: I don’t know. That was super weird. I feel like I had a testosterone contact high.

I don’t want a career if it means making way for guys like Stanton.