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Officers Chen and West are paired together on their first day as P2s. Their first assignment has them protecting a melting candy bar on the street as evidence.

Nolan’s friend, Ben, returns to LA. He has started his own global charitable foundation, and he’s given Henry a job. Nolan had no idea that Henry is quitting college, and he isn’t happy about it.

Ben thinks that Nolan is resentful because he felt he had to quit school when his ex became pregnant with Henry. He also thinks John may not like that Henry will be making more money than him.

Nolan admits that he wonders if Henry understands the sacrifices he made for him but eventually realizes that Henry is an adult and will make his own choices and wants him to be happy.

Officers Nolan and Harper are called to a bank robbery. The robber, Cooper, is killed by a security guard. When Nolan and Harper go to inform his wife, they realize the wife and daughter have been taken.

It turns out, a home invasion team broke into the house and forced Cooper to rob the bank to save his wife and daughter. Now, Cooper’s wife, Alice, is being forced to steal diamonds from her employer; if she doesn’t, they will kill her daughter.

Officers Chen and West track down and save the daughter while Nolan and Harper arrest the home invasion team.

Nyla Harper is a chaperone on her daughter’s Girl Scout camping trip, along with Alonzo, the man she was supposed to go out with, but she had to cancel, and then he canceled. They both think the other doesn’t like them but clear the air and decide to give a date another try.

Angela calls Tim to meet her at a bridal shop. He finds her there in tears. Angela’s bridesmaids told her she needed to find a dress that would hide her pregnancy, but nothing does, and she hates all the dresses. Tim tells her to show off her baby belly and helps her choose a dress she loves.

Angela ends up choosing Tim as her Man of Honor and having him fire her Maid of Honor, Gretchen. Gretchen is thrilled because Wesley’s mother is driving her crazy. Tim decides the only person he needs to answer to about this wedding is Angela.

The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

You’re already the oldest rookie. Do you want to become the longest-serving one?

Sgt. Grey

Chen: Don’t speak to us when we’re on duty.
West: Seriously, we can’t be caught dead socializing with the lowly P1s.
Nolan: Somehow, I always knew this about you two.