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  • John's mother invested in CBD products to sel.
  • Jackson is still having a hard time with everything that happened with his T.O. 
  • Grey approaches Jackson about what they can do to get Stanton off of the force. He wants Jackson to keep a record of all of the things that Stanton does that are disturbing. Stanton can't know anything about it and only Bradford and Chen are in on it. 
  • Wesley is trying to micromanage Angela's pregnancy. 
  • Stanton pulls another stop that is dicey but it ended well. It prompts Lucy to tell TIm about how she thought he would be her Stanton. He gets defensive and doesn't want to talk about it.
  • Nyla tries to get her kid into a music class that she wanted to get into and she missed the deadline. 
  • Tim tells Lucy that he's mad at himself. 
  • They investigate a porch pirate. It's a dog who brings packages to a man. 
  • Wesley wants Angela to go to his mother's OBGYN. He tells Angela that he's predisposed to a disorder after the genetic test he took. He tells Angela about it while she's at work. 
  • Nyla heads to the music studio and meets a guy. They flirt. 
  • Stanton pulls over a woman and conducts a search. He arrests Erica, the woman, for burgarly and possession of stolen property after she said she was turning in her ex-husband's weapons. 
  • Jackson feels horrible about it. 
  • Stanton expresses annoyance to Bradford that Jackson is questioning all of his moves and says that his last student didn't do that and he was black, too. 
  • Nolan's mother sells all of her CBD oil products to cops at the station. 
  • Evelyn, Nolan's mother, sells Grey's wife a part of her franchise for 10 grand. 
  • Angela's boss passes her over for a case and she worries that he may have found out about her pregnancy. 
  • Brandford and Chen meet up with Stanton's old rookie to get a feel for how Stanton was. He doesn't want to jeopardize his career going against Doug who can ruin it for him.
  • Evelyn won't give Luna her money back, so she is going to see her and Nolan and Grey are going with her out of uniform. 
  • They get a tip for a drug deal. The dealer gets mouthy and Stanton's body camera is lost. Stanton takes the dealer to the car alone. 
  • Stanton lets them know that his last rookie Owens tipped him off about them checking in on him. 
  • Angela tells Nyla that she's preganant and Harper reveals that she also had to hide her pregnancy. 
  • Grey and Nolan try to negotiate with the distributor to get Luna's money back and tey later draw their weapons and make a bust because the distributors are dealing more than CBD. Luna calls for backup and injures a guy trying to stop her. 
  • The dad at the dance place got Nyla's daughter in and asks her for dinner. 
  • Angela stands up to her sergeant and he telsl her the real reason he passed her over on the case, congratulates her for being pregnant, and tells her he isn't going to cut her any slack. 
  • Nolan tells his mother to leave. 
  • Bradford and Jackson confront Owens about giving Stanton the heads up, and he tells them that Blue protects Blue and nothing will ever change. 
  • Stanton writes up Jackson and gives it to Grey, he wants him washed out of the program. 
The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Wesley, I love you dearly, but you're so WASPY sometimes.


Nyla: We're going to need to call your parents. Which one will be less pissed?
Teen Boy: My dad.
Nyla: What's your mother's number?