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The team at the precinct is interviewed for a true-crime docu-series following a case that involved a child actor, Corey Harris.
Nolan and his family used to watch Corey’s hit show when Nolan’s son was having surgeries for a heart condition. Now an adult, Corey has found little success in acting but became an acting teacher and then turned that into a cult. His students are called The Worthy, while Corey goes by, The Prophet, Jebediah.
There are multiple calls to Corey’s mansion. At one, Officers Bradford and Chen find blood and a replica of Charlie Chaplin’s mummy, which Corey supposedly stole from Rainn Wilson. Corey had turned his group of followers into a band of thieves. 
Much to Jackson’s shock, his boyfriend, Sterling Freeman, was a student of Corey’s. But Sterling’s real name is Skipper Young, and he’s actually from Australia. Sterling/Skipper was also arrested for one of the robberies that Corey helped orchestrate. Once Jackson knows the truth, he and Sterling go their separate ways.
Corey even helped a serial killer, Dan Marcie, aka The Southland Stalker, seem more charming and empathetic so that he could try and sway a jury. It doesn’t work, and he is convicted.
Turns out Corey and his former castmate, Charlotte, wrote a script together titled The Worthy. At first, producers turned it down because it was much too long and poorly written. But when five of Corey’s followers almost jumped off a building, following his prophecy about aliens coming and the end of days, Corey called them back, claiming he had proof of concept. 
But Corey was trying to sell the script without giving credit to Charlotte, and she was furious. She threatened to sue him. Bradford and Chen get called back to Corey’s home with the landscaper sees blood at the front door. They find lots of blood in the bathroom, but Corey is nowhere to be found. 
Charlotte is also missing, and her car is found at the airport with blood in the trunk. The blood and Corey’s and the blood in the trunk are Charlotte’s. 
Chen sees a post on social media days later that Corey is at a silent retreat in Malibu. They have Corey signing in, but no one saw him again for at least eight hours. Corey swears he’s innocent, but he’s a horrible actor, and no one believes him. 
Corey’s mother then steps forward and takes all the blame for Charlotte’s murder, protecting Corey. Since there is a video of her driving Charlotte’s car, the DA charges her and lets Corey go, even though no one believes he’s innocent. 
At home once again, Corey live streams to his cult followers. He’s attacked while on camera but manages to call 911. Nolan and Harper arrive at the scene to find a man leaving, covered in blood with Corey’s eyes in his pocket. It’s the Southland Stalkers accomplice who was that angry Corey helped Dan take all the credit for the killings. Harper and Nolan find Corey’s mutilated body inside the house. Corey’s phone had live-streamed the entire event. 
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The Rookie Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Celebrities are nuts.


It didn’t really matter to me that he was famous. I mean, this is LA. Every other house is owned by a superstar or a model, or a cult leader.