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  • Bradfod arranges for Tamara to get a new car, but a drug sniffing dog finds drugs in the back.
  • Bailey and Nolan head to a border town "in the hole" after he gets sent to an assignment.
  • They get a lead on who could be behind the heroin, and it's a guy who looks exactly like Bradford.
  • They talk to Jake, the Bradford lookalike to find out abut the drugs in his car and where they ae coming from. Lucy suggests they go under cover with Tim as Jake.
  • Things get crazy immediately for Nolan and Navar. A bar fight ends up with a man with glass in his neck,a nd Bailey takes him to the hospital that's an hour away.
  • Nolan responses to a broken down truck where Pete's car  breaks down. He thinks Nolan invited him and Chasity there.
  • Bradford show sup at th emeet to exchange the heroin and meet the boss and the others are undercover spotting him
  • The boss offers a new job to Bradford as Jake and tells him to bring his girlfriend as a getaway driver.
  • Nolan and Navar pull over a British guy who claims he got mugged and was getting away after he was speeding and Nolan reprimands Navar for not assessing threats better on the job.
  • They find Jake/Dim's girlfriend who is a Chen lookalike named Jucy.
  • Lucy and Tim hang out and go over their cover stories.Tim brings up that they may have to kiss to sell it and they suggest practicing.
  • They kiss each other when Tamara walks in and things are awkward and Tim leaves, but he appears to realize that he has feelings.
  • Things are awkward between Tim and Lucy, but they want to spend more time together on the backstory
  • Harper shares that she has to go on maternity leave now and she wants to stay a detective with Angela.
  • The man they arrested has a long wrap sheet and he taunts them saying the people after him will come get them an come after them. A man comes in with a duffel full o money wand want him, but Nolan won't b bribed.
  • They say they're going to war and his people cut down the cell phone towers and roll in with more people with guns. Now there is no contact.
  • all the gunman shoot at the diner and station.
  • Bailey races back to the motel to get to Pete and get out of town but more of the gunment follow her. She dodges gunfire and beats up the one gunman who comes after her. Pete sleeps through all of it.
  • Bailey beats up the girl after her and Pete wakes up and Chasisity and Nella return.
  • Nolan, Ellroy, and Navar take out the gunman one by one and arrest them.


The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

Angela: Not the brightest bulb, though.
Lucy: Oh my God. It's Tim and Dim.

How about aliens?