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  • Nolan wants Bailey to stay with him while they figure out who took out Fred.
  • Grey agrees to judge the bet between Chen and Bradford.
  • Wesley has a new client and Grey let's him know that he's noticed his clients are all on Elijah's payroll. He offers to help if Wesley is in trouble.
  • Fred had an alibi and Nolan and Bailey realize that he was innocent and set up. She sends Nolan to look into it further.
  • Brandford and Chen talk to a Mrs. Carter who is selling skincare products with Tiger's blood, and she directs them to Sloan who sells other drugs.
  • Elijah wants to speak to Wesley because his wife's cousin, Jay, doesn't have a good case.
  • Bradford goes undercover as a hitman to meet with Aston, another woman who is competition for the others.
  • Wesley is worked up after a day of finding evidence to get an eyewitness in trouble for Elijah. He argues with Angela when he forgest dinner.
  • Nolan talks to Marcus when checking things out at Fred's p;lace again, and notices that Marcus has a bruise on his back. He realizes Marcus is guilty. When he's about to call it in, Marcus hits him and drugs him. Ties him up.
  • Marcus drugs Nolan, plans to chase him around like prey and gets off on Nolan running for his life. Nolan eventually gets away from him and runs him down with the car and calls it in.
  • He's out the hospital and Bailey is happy that he's okay.
  • Elijah's man jumps Wesley in a parking lot and they want to beat him with bats thinking he undermined Elijah by getting the witness arrested. Wesley explains why he did waht he did which worked out. They stop with the bats.
  • Wesley goes home and tells Angela that he's in trouble.
The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

We have a deal, remember? I run towards fires. You run towards bullets. Time to run toward bullets.


Lately it seems all of your clients are on Elijah Stone's payroll.