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The episode opens with Nolan attempting to aid Chen in picking a paint color for Jackson's old room. Tamara is stressed out about this situation due to turning his room into hers. This decision proves tough for Chen, despite usually being a quick thinker. Nolan brings this up and says it regards her grief.

Nolan wants to make Training Officer in a year and is carrying training books in his bag. Bradford got promoted to Sargeant. Due to the promotion, Bradford leads his first roll call. Grey introduces Harper to her new rookie, who ends up being the infamous Aaron Thorson.

Aaron Thorsen was arrested for murdering his roommate in Paris, sued the LAPD to get into the division. Thorsen was proven not guilty, so Bradford and Grey do not want the rumor mill to start against him.

Nolan and Chen pull over guest star Tricia Helfer's character, Claire Ivy, who was speeding through the city in her sports car. She tries to get out of showing Nolan her license and registration. It is revealed that she's been suspected in 40 high-end robberies yet arrested for none.

Harper and Thorsen answer their first call together, discuss what happens if someone recognizes them and refuses to deal with them. Next, they find blood, then a gas leak, and finally, they find a body. Thorson starts freaking out once he sees the body.

The victim is a celebrity stylist, killed by blunt force trauma to the head. But, according to Harper, the gas leak was so the killer made sure the victim stayed dead.

Nolan runs into Bailey at the crime scene while the firefighters show up -- the reunion is sweet and awkward as Nolan debates asking her out again with Chen's advice. Thorsen finds the body as a trigger, and Harper tells him it's not therapy.

Lopez watches a documentary while Wesley attempts to put Jack to sleep. It turns out the documentary was about the case against Thorsen, and Lopez makes a joke that they let French killers into the force once she leaves.

Nolan attempts to ask Bailey out in front of the crime scene. Despite fumbling over his words, Bailey agrees to have a date with him tonight.

The team is debriefing over the busiest weekend in Los Angeles, bringing up Claire Ivy's plans to run one of her biggest heists yet. Harper is invited by the team to participate in a stakeout on Claire, though forces Thorson to stay back as she feels as if he is not ready.

Claire teases Nolan and Chen about the heist potentially taking place the next day.

Harper is giving Thorsen some tough love, insisting that he is not made to be a police officer.

Chen admits that she has a hard time changing the room that Jackson used to live in. She admits that it feels like she's forgetting him and Tamara agrees with the feeling. The two don't want to erase his memory.

Nolan and Bailey ditch their original date plan to attend the stakeout instead. Naturally, Nolan and Bailey run directly into Claire, who has done her research on Nolan. They decided that the stakeout on Claire is over, but Nolan jokes that it doesn't mean the date is. The two embrace in a flirty kiss!

Thorsen stands up for himself against Harper, saying that he will go all over California until someone gives him a chance. Harper is compelled by his speech, joking that she has to make sure he is well trained before going to a lesser department.

Bailey dumps Nolan over text despite them having an amazing night -- Chen sympathizes with him. They also agree that Claire is definitely robbing something that night.

Claire Ivy escapes Nolan and Chen's vision on a black motorcycle, and the team ensues in a chase. Bradford tracks down where she drove off to only to find an escape tunnel under a city bus.

Harper and Thorsen respond to another call in which Thorsen is worried that there is another dead body inside. It turns out this is a diversion for Claire.

Claire shoots at Nolan with a shotgun while running away, prompting Nolan to shoot her himself. Eventually, after the two chat, Claire gives up, drops her gun, and lets Nolan arrest her.

Grey and Bradford discuss how Bradford acted in the situation. Meanwhile, Harper and Thorsen have a heart-to-heart. She decides to give him a chance.

Chen and Bradford have a moment and joke around, praising her for herself and Nolan's work today. Once Chen is home, Tamara reveals her paint-job of Jackson's room.

Nolan confronts Bailey about her break-up text-- she explains that it's truly not him, but her and her experiences. He tries to figure out why, despite everything, saying that he's proof people can change. The two decide to give it another chance, embracing another kiss.

The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

I bet he looks even better out of that uniform.

Claire Ivy

I'm giving you twenty seconds to introduce yourself before the rumor mill starts up.