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  • Wesley drops the ball on mother's day with doing something for Angela. She has to go to a brunch with his mother.
  • Tim says he's taking Ashley to Hawaii for vacation.
  • Chris wants Lucy to meet his mother.
  • Wesley has to take the baby with him to meet with a client.
  • Thieves rob Angela and others at a brunch and they realize that the same woman and man were behind the person who stole the porche and the woman who pitched a fit on the actress on set.
  • Harper is upset that Donovan has her daughter for the weekend and took her away to be with his mother on the holiday.
  • Wesley confronts another ADA about his client getting overcharged. She's getting charged a felony for stealing food.
  • The couple is stealing stuff to stick it to the rich and others because of how horribly they were mistreated when they tried to do things the right way.
  • Lucy is still teasing Tim about his plans to go to Hawaii and how that sounds like he's planning to propose.
  • They catch one fo the robebrs after a shootout.
  • Wesley's mother tells him that maybe he should get into prosecutioin to have more control and power
  • Grey and Nolan track down Daniel to get him back for his safety when the gangs het's telling on come after him.
  • They catchthe other robber.
  • Wesley tells Anela that he may taken an opening in the D.A'a office.
  • Donovan's mother brings Harper's daughter to be with her and apologizes for how Donovan treated things.
The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 4 Episode 21 Quotes

Marina: They made my character, so I got pregnant in real life.
Grey: She's method.

Soon enough, I'll be putting a different kind of bracelets on you.