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  • Nolan's mother wants him to pay her money not to come since she's not invited tot he wedding.
  • Wesley and Monica are arguing and the judge rules in Monica's favor to Wesley's surprise.
  • Tim heads out early for his first day on Metro.
  • Nyla thinks that the judge has been slipping and maybe Wesley needs to talk him into retiring.
  • Tim has a tough time adjusting to his new positoin in Metro and being a liasion officer.
  • Celina tries to talk Nolan into inviting his mother to his wedding.
  • Tamara calls and tells Chen that the kid she's babysitting mother has been missing.
  • The husband shows up and says that his wife is is out of town but it raises some suspicions.
  • Bailey is transporting a patient when  someone shoots the EMT driver and the ambulance nearly crashes.
  • Wesley and Nyla think that Monica is bribing the judge to protect Elijah's guys becuase he keeps ruling in her favor and it reeks of corruption.
  • They talk to the husbhand and find out that his wife Sonia is being held at ransom.
  • Angela is concerned that the husband may be the suspect in the wife's disappearance.
  • Nolan and Celina find a car on fire that may be related to the shooting
  • While at the scene, someone shoots the firefighter ont he scene.
  • Nolan's mother calls Grey to get him to talk to her and someone else.
  • Tamara confesses that she's been working to raise more money to move out since things are getting serious for Chenford.
  • Wesley confronts the judge about working with Monica and helping Elijah. The judge is upset about it.
  • An ex firefighter is the one who is attacking firemen and has had a vendetta ever since because he got cut out.
  • Cosmo, the kid, reaches out to Tamara and has her come over.
  • Tamara overhears that the husband is on the phone
  • The judge is dead in his office when Nyla and Wesley go to see him again and WEsley believes it's because o f Elijah.
  • Angela finally gets the husbaand to talk and one of his clients took his wife.
  • Tim leads the metro team, Angela, and Lucy and Thorsen on the mission to rescue Sonia and takes out the guys holding her captive.
  • Chen talks to Tamara about being family and not moving out.
  • Aaron decides to take his mother' smoney after all.
  • Wesley confronts Monica.
  • Tim passes and goes out for drinks with Metro.
  • Nolan finds out that his mother died.
The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Monica: It's really that simple for you, isn't it? Good and evil?
Wesley: In this case, yes, it is. See you in court.

You know, I don't like to brag, but I'm really good friends with the cops who work here. They're doing everything they can to get your mom home. And until they do, you can call me.