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  • Nolan has to write a ticket for a girl who is in a driverless car that picked her up from school
  • Chris and Tamara give Lucy a surprise party for going through UC school
  • Chris tells Lucy to take a look at some Dyehards online group that has a bunch of valuable intel about Rosalind.
  • Nolan gets a new rookie, Celina.
  • Thorsen is being blackmailed by someone who is catfishing him.
  • Lucy heads into an abandoned place where she sees some squatters and someone locks her inside of the building.
  • She radios it in and hopes that she gets help.
  • She and Bradford seem to have been avoiding each other.
  • Harper is back at work.
  • Lucy wants Wes to check in on Chris.
  • Celina getes a dark aura from a trunk and Nolan is annoyed with how she handles things. But they find blood in the trunk.
  • Nolan and Celina get in trouble because of her stop.
  • Chris is still obessing over the Dye hard thing
  • The blood found in the car that Nolan and Celina stopped belongs to the missing woman Harper and Angela are searching for, but they can't use it becuase of the illegal stop and so forth.
  • Bradford and Thorsen confront the teenager that blackmailed them.
  • Nolan and Celina help track down the supspect in Harper and Angela's case, but Celina looks too obvious, the guy takes off, and they lose him.
  • Bradford realizes that Lucy has been offline for two hours and goes searching for her.
  • Lucy goes to the Feds and talks about a lead with Rosalind being in the group, hoping that they can use that to track her down. Chris is torn up about sharing things with Rosalind.
  • They figure out how to communicate with each other (Nolan and Celina) and use her hunches to follow things properly. It gets them a lead, and they find the missing woman.
  • The blackmailer does it to Bradford this time, and Smitty posts the pictures of him in the squad room of him presumaby naked with cake covering his privates.
  • Nolan and Celina find Jill, the missing woman. Celina is helping the woman when she goes after the guy and doesn't respond on teh radio.
  • Celina gets lost tracking down the suspect and then he attacks her. Nolan finds her and saves her.
  • he tells her later after talking to Grey that he isn't washing her out.
  • Lucy heads to Seattle with the FBI for the lead on Rosalind but they find a crime scene, and she's gone.
The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

I'm being blackmailed.


Nolan, I trained you better than this, and now you both are making me look bad.