Death Notification  - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 14
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  • Elijah wakes up and sees Angela in his home with her gun to make him an offer.
  • Angela offers up the woman who killed Elijah's men and had him cowering in the corner. She says that she's on the task force and can offer Elijah intel.
  • She tells him that she's sending Elijah Sicarios after him and Angela can tip him off.
  • Angela's offer was part of a plan with the feds.
  • Nolan heads to Pennsylvania to handle his mother's affairs.
  • A guy, Josh, impersonate Nolan and claims to be Evelyns' son when they're there
  • Wesley meets up with Abril in Guatemela for his part of the plan.
  • Abril's girlfriend is coming to the States.
  • They hope to set Elijah and Abril out oagainst each other along with the FBI's help
  • Thorsen helps the others put a bug on Elijah's car and they listen in as he plans to hit Abril's girlfriend.
  • Guys come over with guns and want "What's there's" from Evelyn. Bailey notices that there is heroin in shampoo bodies. Evelyn got tangled up with the local drug runners.
  • Nolan helps them nab them with an exchange.
  • They arrest Monica for bribing a judge. Elijah is trying to piece together everyting that's happening and eventually calls Angela up to talk to her and take her up on her deal.
  • Angela drops informationi about where Abril is and Elijah gets a team together and plans to hit them later that night.
  • Stacy drops by with food and booze. They hear a noise and Josh breaks into the house and is stealing her car. He's afraid for his life.
  • Josh shares that Evelyn and him sold generators to the milita but they were defective and now the milita is after him because he spent all the money already.
  • He goes to leave and the militia shoots him at the door and start shooting at the house.
  • Stacy and Bailey and Nolan take down the milita with guns and tasers while treating Josh.
  • Celina poses as Abril and its a sting to catch Elijah trying to hit Abril and her people. The hit man finally and begrudgingly gives the okay to Elijah to take the hit.
  • Eljiah is on the move but while everyone is closing in, Thorsen kicks a glass bottle and it spooks Elijah so he leaves.
  • Angela is upset and wanted to make her move but they can't otherwise they wouldn't be able to hold Elijah on anything.
  • Elijah and Abril meet with each other and say they can help one another.
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The Rookie Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Angela: I'd rather not have this baby in prison, but if you turn me down, I won't wait for Abril. I'll do whatever I have to to protect my family, and I'll make it hurt.
Elijah: Understood.

Elijah: If you're not here to kill me, then what?
Angela: I'm pregnant.
Eljah: Congratulations.
Angela: Save it. We both know what your end goal is. One day you're going to wake up and decide you're done playing with us and put my family in the ground.
Elijah: I would never.
Angela: I'm not wearing a wire; it's just us here. I tried to lock you up, I failed. You won.