Sniffing Out a Mole - The Rookie
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Tim is reeling from the death of Mad Dog.

Monica and Blair talk about it and Monica warns Blair against going against her. She mentions that she's the only connection to Mad Dog and needs to stay on course.

Tim is hauled in to get questioned about Mad Dog's death, and Pearson, the detective on the case wants to pin all this on Tim as the primary suspect.

It's because Pearson is working with Blair because she threatened to blackmail him with sessions from his therapy with her.

Lopez is determiend to clear Bradford's name because that's her best friend. And NOlan also realizes tha tsomethig is fishy.

Bradford and Grey mention that Blair could be suspicious and Nolan and Celina work toward figuring out if Blair is guilty. They put Smitty on duty watching her all day at her office.

Monica is still searching for who killed her and hired Charlie to be her body guard (the same woman who watched over Lopez).

Monica goes to many contacts to get to the bottom of things and when Lopez and Harper figure out one of the hitman, Monica has his kidnapped and interrogates him with one of her criminal clients. Sh etortures him for answers and lears who is really behind tryhing to kill her.

But she doesn't understand why this man would want to/

Nolan gets Blair to crack and she says she'll tell who she's working with after getting a deal.

Monica goes to see Oscar and talk. He says he'll help her if she helps him escape prison.

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The Rookie Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Lucy: To be clear, I am still mad at you, okay? This doesn't change anything.
Tim: No, it doesn't.
Lucy: Are you okay?
Tim: I am now.

I'm standing beside him 1000%. He's family.