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Everyone's true intentions were revealed on The Royals Season 4 Episode 9.

We already knew that Liam and Cyrus were working together, but not only was Kathryn added into the fold, so were Jasper and Queen Helena. 

The Queen revealed herself as being on their team after Aston Lang, Cyrus' friend in the Venezuelan embassy tipped her off. 

Turns out, she's been suspicious of King Robert for a while now and his decision to disband parliament permanently proved to her that his intentions are not pure. 

Jasper is tasked with convincing all of Robert's "men" from the bachelor party into supporting Liam and they do so eagerly. 

When Eleanor finds out about the plan to undermine Robert, she threatens to expose them but Jasper insists she let it happen. 

She confronts Willow to question her on whether or not she thinks Robbie is a good guy. 

After their argument, it would be understandable for her to paint Robert in a negative light, especially because he wanted to silence her and kept establishing himself as more important than she would ever be as his Queen. 

However, when Eleanor questions her for the exact wording of what Robert said when he re-proposed, she realizes that he's playing a dirty game. 

"You cannot marry him," she tells a confused Willow. 

Meanwhile, Eleanor's identity as Robin Hood is leaked to the press. Since Queen Helena was the only one who knew about it aside from Jasper, she assumes her mother ratted her out. 

When she goes to confront her about it, she catches her in bed with Sebastian, a longtime friend and collaborator. 

Not only is Eleanor disgusted, she's also disappointed.

The Queen then confronts Sebastian about it and he admits he leaked Robin Hood's identity to the press and warned Robert about the possible "coup" against him. 

Robert asks Liam to be his best man, but it almost seems like he's still trying to test his brother's loyalty to him.  

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The Royals Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Queen Helena: He uses my secret door.
Eleanor: I don’t need to know what he does to you, mother.

Once it’s safe, I’ll find you. Until then, I’ll miss you. I already do. He’s not wrong, you do look amazing. Now, let’s go convince my brother you still have feelings for him.