The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 1

"And Unto Us, A Child Is Born"

Friend and family arrive for the birth of Amy's baby; Amy has a tough time adjusting to motherhood.

As Amy goes into labor, she flashes back to the time she first met Ricky at band camp; Tom tries to get Grace and Jack back together.

A baby shower is planned for Amy; Grace and Jack reconnect; Ricky learns how to change a diaper; and Amy goes into labor!

Ben and Ricky get a job together at Ben's dad's sausage shop. George gets a loan on a foreclosed home. Amy decides to keep the baby.

"Money for Nothing, Chicks for Free"

Anne receive a potential job offer; Adrian wants to try and become a virgin again; Jack raises money for underprivileged kids; Amy and Ben get back together.

Ricky tries to sabotage the adoption; Ben finally comes to see Amy again.

Ben tells Amy has needs some space. Jack and Shawna agree to see each other. Adrian and Grace get into a catfight over Ricky, but end up being closer to each other in the end.

Ben is bother that Ricky and Amy were planning a meeting to discuss their baby without him. Anne goes to meet Reverend Stone and finds out about Ashley's plan to stop her divorce.

Ricky tells Adrian about his abusive father and goes to the Bowmans' to tell Grace's parents the same thing. Ben is disappointed when Amy won't let him to come to find out the gender of the baby.

Ashley gets Reverend Stone (Tom Virtue) to help her make sure her parents stay together. Ricky's estranged father, Bob (Bryan Callen) returns to town on parole looking for his son.

Amy and Ben realize their marriage is not legal. Anne and George have a brief reunion.

"The Secret Wedding of the American Teenager"

Amy and Ben try and sneak off to have a secret wedding. Adrian's mom is having second thoughts about having dinner with her father. Anne and George fight over Anne's decision to get a divorce.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager
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