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  • Griffin calls Ashley out on her awkward crush on Ricky
  • Ricky and Ben got into a fight when Ricky says he’s going to visit Adrian
  • Reuben tries to convince Adrian to change out of her pj’s, bc Ricky is coming over
  • Ricky and Adrian kiss, but say they don’t feel anything
  • Reuben wants Ben and Adrian to get married
  • Tom isn’t allowed to retake the drug test, he runs into Tammy who is now married
  • George and Anne go out and get a marriage license, go to dinner and discuss business
  • Ashley thinks she and Ricky are having a romantic dinner, but he is flaky and doesn’t get it
  • Griffin and Grace set each other up on dates. Grace gets set up with Grant.
  • Griffin gets set up with Peter who says he isn’t gay, but later admits it
  • Jack admits he still has feelings for Grace 
  • Amy calls Ashley and they discuss Ricky and how she’s giving up the French horn
The Secret Life of the American Teenager
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