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On this week's episode of Secret Life...

... Adrian and Amy talk on the phone, as the former tries to make the latter jealous and determine what happened in NY. But Amy remains mum.

... Ben is whining and attacks Ricky in the butcher shop because Ricky won’t tell him what happened in NY.

... Ben gets fired.

... Everyone is trying to find out what happened in NYC, but Ricky and Amy say it’s private.

... Madison and Lauren get caught for lying about their sleepover.

... Madison and Lauren both talk to Amy but only about themselves.

... Amy’s NY friends take her to a club where you can only wear your pajamas.

... Ashley confronts Ricky about NY and he tells her it’s none of her business and he wants to go to therapy.

... Then, Adrian confront Ricky.

... Ricky has sex with a random girl.

... Ben and Adrian discuss a fake engagement.

... Amy’s NY friends tell her to stand up for herself and let the people in her life know that she’s upset they forgot her birthday.

... Amy sends a picture of herself with a birthday cake, Ricky realizes and feels bad.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager
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