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To conclude the summer season of Secret Life...

- Ashley runs away from home and Ricky finds her in his bed.

- He tells her to get dressed and that he would never sleep with her.

- Adrian shows her parents the ring and says it’s a friendship ring.

- Ben’s dad yells at him about giving Adrian a ring.

- Grace’s mom asks her not to have sex in med camp, she also asks Grant.

- Ben and Ricky talk, inciting them both to go talk to their exes.

- Amy goes to talk to Ashley and Ashley says she just wants to get her virginity over with.

- Anne confronts George about his cheating again, they agree they shouldn’t be getting remarried.

- Grace is tempted to do things she knows aren’t the best idea..

- Jack constantly butts himself into Grace’s family’s conversations.

- Ben and Adrian kiss.

- Tom gets a job.

- Grant says he doesn’t feel comfortable having sex with Grace at med camp because of his convo with her mother.

- Amy and John go to Ricky’s for their first family date.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager
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