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On this week's Secret Life...

- Griffin comes over to hang out with Ashley but she tells him to call Peter.

- Amy leaves Ricky a message that she wants to talk to him.

- The Juergens realize they forgot Amy’s birthday.

- Ashley is still really sullen with the whole, just because you kissed me it doesn’t mean you’re in love with me, for a girl who used to be so wise, when did she turn the corner.

- Lauren’s parents might get back together.

- Ben’s dad is still really mad at him.

- Betty tells him she has some valuable hidden and gives him a huge sapphire and diamond ring to give to Adrian.

- Jack goes to apologize to Madison’s dad, very mature of him, but accidentally slips and tells her Dad about their sex life.

- Grace and her mom are talking about oral and her mom calls it “gateway sex” And here comes the speech, yes you can get STDs, I’m glad they’re mentioned this, something other than pregnancy because STDs are more rampant than ever.

- Ricky admits he slept with someone else because he thought Amy was out at a club.

- Ricky’s therapist asks if “You need sex or you need to feel loved?”

- Now Ben’s dad is in therapy, he doesn’t love Stifler’s mom as much as he thought he did, honeymoon’s over, he’s irritated.

- Adrian is spotting and they go to the hospital, the doctor is so unrealistic because he has no boundaries and speaks of things that are confidential, Ben gives her the ring.

- Madison and Lauren’s parents want them to go to summer school and work at the food court.

- Ben basically insinuated that Adrian is a hooker.

- A desperate blonde goes to the butcher shop and begs Ricky to hook up with her, he says he’s not interested.

- Jack pays off Tom to do things, he asks Grace to get the teen abstinence group going again, she points out that he just wants her to not have sex because he can’t have sex either.

- Ben goes to apologize to Adrian and talks to her mom.

- Ben admitted he was immature, obsessed with Amy, and irresponsible, that was a great apology, I would cry if I didn’t hate this show so much.

- So now Amy’s back because she didn’t want anything to happen with Ricky and another girl, but it’s too late.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager
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