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Bart spikes Mrs Krabappel's coffee with alcohol, getting her fired.  Though he feels guilty, Bart loves his cool new teacher Mr. Vaughn.  He tries to get Mrs. K back on tracking using a self help book, The Answer.  However, when she tells Bart he's a horrible person on the inside, he decides to tell the truth to Skinner to try and get her job back.  However, it takes Mr. Vaughn getting fired to get her back.  Will Bart spike his drink... or does he even need to?

The Simpsons
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The Simpsons Season 21 Episode 2 Quotes

How could Mrs. Krabappel take my cell phone? I'm only on month one of a sixty month plan


Nelson [about the school's ancient computer]: My stroked out grandfather has more memory tha that thing
Milhouse: How's he doing?
Nelson: Better, thanks